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 Varner Cemetery (West)

   I documented this site as the Varner Cemetery - West, when really it's name is Asa Varner Cemetery, also known as the Jacob Varner Cemetery.  This cemetery lies west of Highway 115, and there is another Varner Cemetery that lies east of the same Highway.  Jacob Varner, born in 1805, purchased the land on July 4, 1833.  In 1855, Jacob and his wife Eliza Guyton deeded the cemetery to the Greensburg Township Trustees.  Several years later, Jacob and his wife deeded the rest of their farm to their son, Asa.  Hence, the later name of the Cemetery.

Tombstones:                      In Memory of:

Row 1

Stauffer, William Theodore     Born: Feb 26,1908   Died: Feb 28,1908   Son of G A & G G Stauffer


Gump, Charles     1873-1946

Gump, Infant     1908

Gump, Raymond     1902-1909

Gump, Belle     1876-1949


Campbell, Henry     1847-1914

Campbell, Wallace     1880-1912

Row 2

Hubbard, Susanah     1822-1898

Hubbard, Wm     Co E 19 Ohio INF

Combs, Oscar     Born: Feb 12,1882   Died: June 21,1892   son of F M & L Combs

Combs, F M     1845-1936   Co K 33 Ohio Vol INF

Row 3

Rimer, Rebecca (Kirkendall)     1839-1922   Aged: 83y 1m 27d 

Kirkendall, Rebecca     Died: May 14,1896   Aged: 45y 7m 3d   wife of L Kirkendall     close-up

Timmons, Peter     Died: Mar 24,1889   Aged: 20y 7m 15d

Timmons, Joshua     Died: Oct 24,1904   Aged: 70y 1m 18d   GAR

Timmons, Catherine     Born: Sept 8,1835   Died: Mar 28,1909

Row 4

Buckmaster, Milton S     Died: July 21, 1903   Aged: 29y 8m 12d

Buckmaster, Florence     Died: April 26,1901   Aged: 9m 14d

Grove, Harry     19014-1918   son of L & J Grove

Haviland, J F     1860-1899

Dangler, J H     Died: Mar 29,1908   Aged: 54y 10m   Father

Dangler, Pheoba Florane     Died: Sept 21,1905   Aged: 42y 7m 17d   wife of J H Dangler   close-up

Dangler, Salina     Died: Jan 30,1868   Aged: 40y 3m 17d

Dangler, Henry     Died: Jan 30,1895   Aged: 79y 7m 9d

Row 5

Dangler, John     Died: Feb 5,1891   Aged: 71y 6m 28d   close-up

Dangler, Rhoda     Died: Dec 30,1827   wife of John Dangler

Wing, Sarah     Died: Apr 15,1900   Aged: 77y 10m

Lemaster, Martha Ann     Died: June 28,1831   Aged: 1y   dau of H & M I Lemaster

Lemaster, William     Died: May 27,1870   Aged: 27y 10m 17d

Lemaster, M Elizabeth     Died: July 27, 1868   Aged: 29y 8m 13d

Lemaster, George     Died: Jan 19,1896   Aged: 45y 7m 3d   son of W S & M A Lemaster

Kitchen, Flora     Died: Apr 29,1875   Aged: 11m   dau of A & S Kitchen

Lemaster Monument

Lemaster, William S     Died: June 22,1878   Aged: 66y 17m 11d

Lemaster, Martha A     Died: Apr 2,1893   Aged: 76y 1d    Father & Mother

Lemaster, Horace     1861-1910

Row 6

Henderson, Laura W     Aged: 19y   wife of L R Henderson

Welch, Cora (Kirkendall)     1882-1954

Kirkendall, Robert N     1875-1922

Kirkendall, Elizabeth Ann     Died: Dec 1,1892   Aged: 19y 3m 8d

Kirkendall, Henry     Born: Nov 13,1831   Died: Aug 26,1910

Kirkendall, Sarah     Born: Nov 9,1840   Died: Aug 9,1895

Hemry, Ray G     Died: Jan 25,1897   Aged: 4m 18d

Hemry, Zella T     Died: May 16,1838   Aged: 11y 1m 6d   dau of D L & A W Henry

Hemry, ?       7m 10d?

Henry, David L     Born: May 3,1859   Died: July 30,1908

Henry, Almira W     Born: Mar 9,1857     Died: Jan 1,1916   his wife

6-#10  Unreadable


Alder, Catherine     Died: Feb 1891   Aged: 59y 8m 1d

Alder, John     Co E 81 Ohio Vet Inf

Alder, Pearley     Died: June 19,1891   Aged: 16y 5m 25d

Row 7

7-#1 Unreadable

Kirkendall, Infant     Died: Sept 27,1893     Aged: 1y 2m 21d   dau of N W & M K Kirkendall

Kirkendall, Noah W     1860-1919

Kirkendall, Mary G      1870-1948   "His Wife"

Kirkendall, Ice Kathryn     1912-1954

Row 8

Ayers, Sarah E     Died: Sept 5,1932   Aged: 83y 4m 8d

Ayers, Clark P     Died: Dec 26,1889   Aged: 47y 7m 19d   close-up

Ayers, William     Died: Oct 10,1893   Aged: 80y 9m

Ayers, Rachel     Died: May 8, 1881   Aged: 67y 2m 21d

Dangler, Sarah M     Died: Sept 30,1868   close-up

Dangler, Sarah M     Died: Aug 24, 1865   Aged: 23y   wife of H M Dangler   close-up

Dengler, John     Died: Oct 27,1873   Aged: 27y 10d  

Dangler Monument    Father and Mother

Dengler, Barbara     Died: Dec 24,1877   Aged: 2m 7d

Simons, Infant     Died: Aug 3,1865   Aged: 3m 22d   dau of I & R M Simons

Simons, Barbara     wife of L Simons

Dangler, George     Died: April 9,1897   Aged: 81y 7m 9d

Dangler, Veronica     Died: May 15,1865   Aged: 50y 24d   his wife

Myers, David     Died: July 29,1870   Aged: 19y 7m 4d   son of Solomon M Myers

Myers, Abraham     Died: Jan 23,1856   Aged: 9y 1m 14d   son of Solomon & M Myers

Myers, Daniel     Died: Jan 8,1865   Aged: 9d   son of Solomon  & M Myers

Myers, Charles     Died: May 11,1881   Aged: 1y 8m 6d   son of P H Myers

Myers, Naomi     Died: May 24,1881   Aged: 7y 1m 25d   dau of P H Myers

Adams, Irvin     Died: Jan 22,1884   Aged: 2d   son of Henry & Jemima Adams

Strite, Lilly V     Died: Jan 13,1885   Aged: 1y 4m 17d   dau of W & S Strite

Myers, Mary     Died: June 8,1885     Aged: 62y 9m 16d   wife of Solomon Myers

Strite, Aby Bell     Died: Sept 7,1886   Aged: 1m 21d   dau of  L W & S  Strite

Strite, Mary Ann     Died: Mar 24,1901   Aged: 13y 10m 23d   dau of L W & S  Strite   close-up

Myers, Solomon     Died: Jan 31,1902   Aged: 84y 3m 20d

Shank, Mary E     Born: Dec 11,1855   Died: Dec 25,1904  

Shank, William H    Born: Nov 1,1851     Father & Mother

Reynolds, Gracie Shank     Died: Dec 19,1910   Aged: 21y 11m 4d

Hanefeld, Richard M     Born: July 26,1918   Died: July 27,1918   son of J D & R M Hanefeld

Row 9

Campbell, Robert     Born: May 1, 1805   Died: Sept 11, 1887

Campbell, Winniford     Born: Dec 21,1816   Died: Oct 2,1859

Dangler, Susannah     Died: Feb 8,1902   Aged: 80y 7m 19d   wife of J Dangler     close-up

Dangler, Jacob     Born: Mar 29,1814   Died: Nov 8,1886   Aged: 72y 7m 10d   close-up

Dangler, Adam     Born: June 13,1888    Died: June 15,1888   son of H J & G J Dangler

Dangler, Arthur Wm     Born & Died: Dec 10, 1903       son of D E & M A Dangler

Rimer, Evert M     Died: Sept 15,1805   Aged: 10m 13d   son of S H & A B RImer

Welch, William     Son of J & M E Welch (Broken Stone)

Welch, Emiley M     Died: Mar 15,1856   Aged: 2m 9d   dau of J & M E Welch

Beard, Margaret     Died: July 16,1878   Aged: 6m 29d   dau of J & S J Beard

Beard, Margaret Ann     Died: Feb 28,1882   Aged: 1m 21d   dau of C W & L J Beard

King, George W     Died: Nov 28,1855   Aged: 4y 7m  son of M S & C King

King, Margaret G     Born: Aug 10,1859   Died: Aug 19,1859   dau of M S & C King     Lost on Aug 10, Found dead Aug 19, 1859   Aged: 5y 10m 18d

King, Mary A     Died: Oct 7,1862   Aged: 21y 8m 11d   dau of M S & G King

King, Eliza J     Died: Sept 8,1889   Aged: 14y 8m 13d   dau of M & C King

King, Mathias     Died: Nov 6,1890   Aged: 76y 3m

King, Christan G    1818-1904

Henderson, Alta    Died: Mar 31,1892   Aged: 4m 7d    Front of Stone

Henderson, Harly J     Died: ??? 13,1901   Aged: 6m 28d

F N M             child of John & Laura C Henderson

Magill, G A     Died: Jan 29,1881   Aged: 38y 5m

Magill, G O     Died: Jan 7,1882   Aged: 12y 6m 25d

Dangler   Emille J     Died: Oct 12,1898   Aged: 27y 2m 15d   wife of H L Dangler

McGill, Franklin     Died: 1900   Aged: 29y 1m 17d   close-up

Scott, Mary A     Died: July 5,1831   Aged: 67y    wife of Hugh Scott

Cokey, Alpha T     Died: Sept 15,1890   Aged: 6m 15d

Cokey, Synthia     Died: Sept 22,1886   Aged: 20d

Cokey, Mary M     Died: Aug 21, 1888   dau of  L A Gokey

Row 10

Ayers, William     Died: May 25,1866   Aged: 72y 8m 28d

Buchannan, George     Died: June 6,1872   Aged: 39y 8m 28d

Buchannan, Elizabeth     1842-1920     Mother

Buchannan, Terence J     1865-1914

Buchannan, Charles J     1865 - 1914

Stouffer, Infant     Died: Nov 1898   dau of J L & A U Stouffer

Viers, James M     Died: Feb 28, 1888   Aged: 21y 21d   son of L & R Viers   ( new photo coming soon...I had taken 2 photos...the other didn't turn out)

Viers, Charles     Died: May 7,1901   Aged: 29y 7m 12d

Kever, Jacob     1848-1893

Kever, Bertie     1885-1802     Bertie

Morgan, Vernie J     Died: 1802   Aged: 1m 8d   child of G J & A E Morgan

Row 11

Myers, Stella     Died: July 13,1887   Aged: 3m 23d

Guyton, Mary     Born: Aug 26,1827   Died: Feb 26,1907    

Guyton,William     Born: Nov 4,1817   Died: Apr 20,1899

Guyton, Isaiah     Died: May 28,1879   Aged: 66y 4m 29d

Varner, Jacob     Died: Aug 21,1895   Aged: 90y 2m 26d

Varner, Eliza     Died: Feb 16,1892   Aged: 77y 8m 6d

Varner, Emma Margaret    Died: Feb ?,1892   Aged: 25y 8m

Varner, Isaiah S     Born: May 8,1842   Died: Apr 8,1928

Varner, Fanny     Born: Mar 7,1843   Died: May 25,1920   "His Wife"

Kesler, Jennie     Died: Dec 27,1885   Aged: 18y 11m 23d

Kesler, Clyde     Died: Jan 13,1861   Aged: 4m 24d

Rinkle, Charley    Died: Aug 31,1880   Aged: 1y 6m 11d   son of M F Rinkel

Simon, Lucinda     Died: Aug 31,1866   Aged: 1m 24d   dau of J & B Simon

Rinkel, Bena     Died: Mar 15,1873   Aged: 15d   dau of J & B Rinkel

Rinkel, infant     Died: Mar 12, 1872   son of J & B Rinkel

Rinkel, John P     Aged: 4y 5m   son of M & R A Rinkel

Simon, Phillip     Died: Aug 1,1855   Aged: 20y 6m   son of J P & S K Simon

Simon, Catherine     Died: Jan 23, 1855   Aged: 18y ?m   dau of J R & S K Simon

Simon, Margaret     Died: Sept 15,1872   Aged: 85y 7m 2d   wife of John Simon

Simon, John R     Died: Feb 8,1888   Aged: 78y 10m 3d

Lemaster, Elizabeth F     Died: Nov 9,1888   Aged: 26y 4m 28d   wife of G W Lemaster

Rinkel, Michael     1821-1904

Rinkel, Barbara     1841-1897  his wife

Carder, Araminta (Baer)     Died: Jan 22,1882   Aged: 42y 7d   wife of John Carder

Carder, Harvey U   Died: Jan 20,1888   Aged: 19y 4m 4d   son of J & A Carder

Carder, Bud John     Born: Mar 16,1838   Died: April 26,1901   Aged: 63y 2m 27d

Guy, Augusta A   1858-1883   wife of H J Guy

Kirkendall, Elnora     Died: Dec 26,1933   wife of L Kirkendall

Smith, Zella Mae     Born: Dec 7,1933   Died: Dec 26,1933

Smith, Children of G & R M Smith

Smith, Charlotte     Born: Aug 15,1892   Died: Aug 27,1892

Smith, Henry M     Born: Dec 1,1879   Died: April 18,1885   Child of G & R M Smith

Fender, E D     1851-1937 (death year added by family member)

Fender, Maria   1851-1916   "His Wife"

Kirkendall, John     Died: July 26,1897   Aged: 62y 4m 2d

Row 12

Varner, Asa     1858-1933

Varner, Arnolda     1862-1931  

Varner, Alferd C     1902-1919

Varner, Floyd     1889-1889   sons of A & A Varner

Andrews, Maratha M     Died: May 18,1825

Andrews, Henry M     Born: mar 2,1824   Died: Feb 27,1901

Kitchen, Alma     Died: June 5,1882   aged: 3weeks

Kitchen, Dortha E     Born: Sept 8,1900   Died: July 9,1902   Aged: 1y 11m 1d   dau of G W & L M Kitchen

Berryhill, David A     Died: Feb 11,1852   Aged: 4m 9d   son of WR & J Berryhill

Berryhill, John H     Died: Oct30,1876   Aged: 26d   son of W R & J Berryhill    

Campbell, Earl     Died: Mar 6,1879   Aged: 1y 6m 8d   son of G E Campbell

Hensel Monument

Hensel, Warner     Died: July 4,1872   Aged: 9y 11m 7d   eldest son of George & Katherine Hensel

Hensel, Sherman     Died: June 27,1870    Aged: 5m   son of George & Katherine Hensel

Hensel, George     Died: Mar 16,1892   Aged: 8y 8m 20d

Wall, Julia     Died: July 19,1869   Aged: 49y

Eddie     Died: Aug 26,1872   Aged: 19y 8m





Nealy, John R     1873-1904

Brower, Frederick     Died: Aug5,1898   Aged: 4y 11m 9d   son of A & R O Brower

Brower, Infant     Born: June 20,1900   Died: June 20,1900   son of A & R O Brower

Brower, Rosa O    Born: May 17,1861   Died: July 30,1909   wife of A Brower

Brower, Doghie     Born Aug 4,1891   Died: Aug 1,1910   dau of A & R O Brower

Geer, Ruth     Died: June 16,1890   Aged: 66y 4m       wife of S Geer

Row 13

Bibler, John B     1894-1899   children of J F & L A Bibler

Bibler, Russell S     1896-1899

Bibler, Florance     Died: June 28,1892

Bibler, Clark E     Died: Mar 10,189?   Aged: 4m29d  

Children of V & R Bibler

Bibler, John P     1830-1889

Bibler, Matilda     1833-1923

Bibler, Mary     1856-1929

Bibler, Samuel     1852-1887

Bibler, Clara     1886-1887

Little, Nicholas     1866-????   son of Robert & Annie Little

Little, Mary     1870-????   dau of Robert & Annie Little

McGinley, Mary Ann     Born: July 17,1813   Died: Apr 5,1898   Aged: 85y 8m 8d   wife of Charles McGinley

McGinley, Charles     Died: Jan 7,1874   Aged: 78y

Guy, Levi     Born: Dec 10,1833   Died: May 8,1902   GAR

Guy, Sarah Ann     Born: Aug 27,1834   Died: 1912

Bennett, Henry P     Died: Dec 20,1870   Aged: 19y 3m 6d   son of D & P Bennett

Rinkard, Catharine     Died: May 6,1854   Aged: 69y 6m   wife of John Rinkard

Row 14

Shank Monument

Shank, Elizabeth     Born: July 8,1823   Died: Oct 6,1903   Aged: 80y 2m 22d

Shank, Michael R     Born: May 2,1820   Died: June 9,1895   Aged: 75y 1m 7d

Dangler, Corel G     Born: June 22,1878   Died: Feb 8,1911   son of H M & E E Dangler

Dangler, Henry M     Died: June 24,1906   Aged: 59y 10m

Dangler, Elizabeth     Died: Aug 24,1889   Aged: 39y 4m 22d   his wife

Campbell, Harry     1896-1897

Campbell, Robert     1811-1916

Campbell, Foster B     1851-1918

Campbell, John     1844-1925

Campbell, Ellen     1847-11913   his wife

Campbell, Infant     Died: Mar 21,1889   Aged: 1y 5m 16d 

Campbell, Gertrude E
     Died: Jan 26,1888   Aged: 6y 5m 29d   sau of J & E Campbell

Campbell, Burton     Died: Mar 5,1879   Aged: 4y 7m 11d   son of John & Ellen Campbell

Campbell, Infant     Died: Apr 25,1871   son of J Campbell

Guy, Jacob M     Died: Apr 10,1861   Aged: 1y 2w   son of J F & E Guy

Rodgers, Elizabeth     Born: Jan 11, 1808   Died: Sept 22,1891   Aged: 83y 8m 11d   wife of J Rodgers

Rodgers, James     Died: Nov 10,1886   Aged: 74y 10m 6d

Whidbey, Lucy J     Died: Nov 3,1876   Aged: 10y 10m 2d   dau of W & B Whidbey

Campbell, Infant     Died: Apr 19, 1875

Campbell, Infant
     Died: Nov 15,1873   children of G E Campbell

Kirkendall, Howard     Died: July 29,1869   Aged: 60y 6m 15d

Armstrong, Almira J     Died: Mar 5,1873   Aged: 24y 11m 5d   dau of E & M Kirkendall

Kirkendall, Frank V     Born: Feb 3,1856   Died: Mar 4,1876   Aged: 20y 30d     son of D & E Kirkendall

Kirkendall, Emery D     Born: Dec 21,1857   Died:??? 19,1870   son of D & E Kirkendall

Kirkendall, Elizabeth     Born: June 27,1837   Died: Feb 19,1879   Aged: 41y 8m 8d   wife of D Kirkendall

Harman, Harriet     Died: July 31,1869   Aged: 34y 9m 8d   wife of O Harman

Harman, Sheldon     Died: July 3,1865   Aged: 1y 2m 9d   son of D & H Harman

Kirkendall, Clark P     Died: May 3,1883   Aged: 20y 2m 15d

Fowler, Harriet C     Died: July 30,1885   Aged: 25y 29d   wife of Leroy Fowler

Kirkendall, Van     Born: May 4,1818   Died: July 11,1885   Aged: 67y 4m 7d

Kirkendall, Daniel     Born: June 1,1816   Died: Feb 27,1892   Aged: 76y 8m 24d

Kirkendall, Alice     Died:Apr 3, 1895   Aged: 13y 1m 8d   dau of Wm & E Kirkendall

Kirkendall, Dortha E     1902-1903

Kirkendall, Gertrude C     1896-1908

Burill, Silas     Co D Ohio INF   MEX WAR

Row 15

Bryan, Pearlie J     Died: Aug 8,1892   Aged: 3d   dau of M & E Bryan

Bryan, Ralph G     Died: Dec 18,1881   Aged: ?y ?m 22d

Myers, Raymond F     Born: July 13,1906   Died: Aug 23,1907

Myers, Catharine    

Whitman, John A     Died: June 26,1874

Whitman, Theo W     Died: Sept 12,1876   Aged: 61y 6m 18d

Morris, Dianna     Died: Oct 6,1876   Age: 47y 5m 5d   wife of Owen Morris

Morris, Owen     Died: Sept 23,1901   Aged: 77y 6m

Harris, Nancy     Died: Sept 25,1913   Aged: 62y 11m   dau of O & S Morris

Morris, Jane     1847-1925

Morris, Morgan     1847-1933

Troyer, John     Born: June 1,1834   Died: Nov 16,1915

Troyer, Louesa     Born: July 15,1839   Died: Nov 7,1917   his wife  close-up

Troyer, Mary E     Died: Feb 9,1906   Aged: 45y 6m 22d

Broken Stone

Ridenour, Cora E     Died: June 21,1875   Aged: 1y 4d

Troyer, Birtie     Died: Mar 8,1883   Aged: 3y 5m

Shank, Infant      of W H & M E Shank     Born: Aug 12,1879

Grove, Mary     Died: Jan 13,1892   Aged: 66y 4m 18d   Wife of J Grove

Grove, John     Born: Dec 25,1822   Died: June 21, 1902

Grove, Oscar F     Died: Mar 16,1884   Aged: 5y 5m 11d   son of O & M Grove

Grove, Adrian L     Died: Mar 8,1884   Aged: 1y 3m   son of O & M Grove

Buckmaster, William H     Died: Mar 30,1880   Aged: 76y 5m 18d   GAR

Buckmaster, Ellen     Died: Sept 28,1913   Aged: 91y 11m 11d   "Mother"

Newer Part on the West Side of the Driveway

Row A

Yant, John     1850-1943

Yant, Ruth     1857-1924

Row B

Perrine, Lana     1875-1952

Kirkendall, Sarah A     1878-1952

Kirkendall, Elmer W     1868-1928

Buckmaster, Curry     Born: May 25,1887   Died: Sept 7,1966   Ohio PVT 145 Inf WWI

Buckmaster, Eli V     1885-1947

Buckmaster, Eli     1846-1925   Co A 20 Reg OVI

Buckmaster, Charlotte     1852-1941

Row C

Miller, Emil B     Born: Feb 6,1894   Died: May 8,1923

Prowant, Joseph G     1867-1952

Prowant, Estella W     1857-1954

Prowant, Charles Glenn     Born: Jan 10,1907   Died: Mar 20,1923   son of J G & E W Prowant

Guyton, Orlando      1859-1920

Row D

Ayers, Mary     1845-1923

Ayers, Harrison C     1840-1925

Kirkendall, Benjamin     1861-1939

Kirkendall, Minnie M     1876-1960

Miller, Frank J     1893-1984

Miller, Datha     1904-1983

Miller, Leroy V     1927-1927

Kirkendall, Lydia J     1880-1944   "Mother"

Kirkendall, Lewis J     1870-1933   "Father"

Campbell, Edna     Born: May 29,1919   Died: Jan 3,2009  

Campbell, Ada     Born: July 21,1914   Died: Oct 6,2006

Campbell, Ida     1885-1977

Campbell, Chester     1884-1976

Row E

Ayers, Eva L     1908-1928   dau

Smith, Richard D     1921-1983   F  2 US Navy WWII

Smith, Elizabeth     1897-1982

Smith, Charles     1878-1935

Shafer, Maud E     1878-1968

Shafer, Ruth     1851-1951

Shafer, John F     1846-1929

Allgire, Effie L     1890-1985

Allgire, Carey E     1883-1942

Kirkendall, Frank     1852-1936

Kirkendall, Eliza     1857-1939

Row F

Campbell, Cecil Burl "Peck"     Died: Aug 1,1990

Campbell, Victoria H

Gibson, Marvel (Varner)     Born: Mar 21,1921   Died: July 23,2002

Varner, Glen J     1930-1989

Varner, Byron E     1897-1975

Varner, Nellie L     1898-1937

Myers, Wesley D     1879-1965

Myers, Frank W     1877-1963

Myers, Mary A     1881-1940

Shank, Sarah A     Born: Mar 11,1845   Died: July 14,1921   close-up

Row G

Varner, Howard E     1920-1990   SFC US Army WWII-Korea

Buckmaster, Daniel Paul     19271941

Buckmaster,Earl     1894-1986

Buckmaster, Ashley     1899-1986

Bibler, Moses B     1887-1926   WW US VET

Bibler, Grover J     1884-1976

Bibler, John E     1866-1949

Bibler, Lucy A     1871-1920   his wife

Bibler, Fay L     1897-1970

Row H

Varner, Maggie     1868-1963

Varner, Clara, E     1887-1971

Varner, Curtis E     1880-1951

Row I

Stauffer, Edna R     1915-2000

Stauffer, Clarence J     1903-1978

Combs, Lorinda     1854-1937

Shank, Samuel C     Born: Dec 18,1879   Died: June 1,1930  (no stone)

Shank, Bernice E     Born: May3,1923   Died: May 6,1923   (no stone)

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