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St Anthony's Catholic Cemetery 

(more coming soon!) 

Tombstones:                  In Memory of:

Feltman, William J     1901-1961    WWII Vet

Feltman, Henry J     1866-1948

Feltman, Mary A     1870-1945   wife of Henry J Feltman

Maag, Ben L (Bernard)     1893-1990

Maag, Philomena A (Feltman)     1897-1979

Maag, James C     Born: Nov 12,1927   Died: June 21,1928   son of B L & P A Maag

Maag, Rudolph F     1905-1986

Maag, Rose E     1906-1993

Maag, Edwin H     1901-1973

Maag, Luella M "Dottie" (Joseph)     1915-2002

Maag, Joseph I     1879-1963

Maag, Elizabeth M     1877-1960

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