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           Riley Creek Cemetery

Riley Creek Cemetery is located along the bank of the Riley Creek in Ottawa Township, Putnam County, Ohio.  The Cemetery is behind the Riley Creek Methodist Church.  (This is a complete listing of this cemetery)           

(more pictures coming soon)         

 Tombstones:                  In Memory of:

Clark, Prosper G    Died: 1864         Aged: 2 weeks   dau of Jas L & MA Clark

Clark, Margaret A  Died: Mar 17, 1885  Aged: 34y 6m 2d   wife of Jas L Clark 

Carter, Ozetta     Died: Oct 7, 1881    Aged: 58y 8m 12d  wife of John Flemin

Emans, B               Born: May 5, 1841 Died: Jun17, 1872   Aged: 31y 1m 7d    wife of R Emans

Emans, Richard      (unreadable)

Dice, Earl            Born: Apr 7, 1876   Died: Dec 13, 1878  son of HB & CA Dice

Crawfis, Hap   AB   Died: Apr 17, 1890  Aged: 7y 10m 17d  dau of MW & D Crawfis

Crawfis, Willie C   Died: Mar 15, 1887  Aged: 2y 6m 5d

Crawfis, Charlie L Died: Feb 6 1887     Aged: 2 weeks

Crawfis, Nora B     Died: Apr 17, 1890  Aged: ?

Crawfis, Ada        Died May 20, 1883   Aged: 11d

(last 4 are children of HW & D Crawfis)

Crawfis, Zella E     Died: Apr 4,1887   Aged: 2y 6m 12d    dau of C M & A M Crawfis      photo submitted by April Nienberg 

Reed, Daisy Belle   Died Sept 14, 1882   Aged: 9y 11m 16d  dau of SM & Ada Reed

Reed, George H  1823-1884

Reed, Elizabeth  1827-1901   wife of George

Park, George W  1790-1864

Marks, Adam       Died: Sept 24, 1905   Aged: 47y 10m 14d inscription: "A light from our house is gone.  A voice we loved is stilled.  A place is vacant in our hearts that never will be filled."

Marks, Clara  1863-1917  "Mother"       photo submitted by April Nienberg

Pope, Pricilla W   Died: Mar 16, 1885   Aged: 82y 8m 7d  "Mother"

Pope, Henry        Died Sept 20, 1878   Aged: 75y 5m 14d  "Father"   close-up

Crawfis, Sylvia Eve   Born: May 3, 1886   Died Mar24, 1888  dau of JA & A Crawfis

Kitchen, Isadort     Died: May 15, 1880  Dau of HG & SC Kitchen

Broken Stone  (can't read)

Henderson, Corpel R   Co D 1 I11 L A

Henderson, Martha E   Died: May 1, 1869   Aged: 1y 3m 8d

Henderson, Early        Died: Jul 11, 1883   Aged: 12d

Henderson, Pearly  J   Died: Jul 11, !883  Aged: 12d

Henderson, Earney     Died: Jul 17, 1834  Aged: 18d

Henderson, Sarah J     Died: Jul 11, 1883   Aged: 45y 8m 8d  wife of R Henderson

Nabgger, Herman       Died: Aug 21, 1882   Aged: 2y 4m

HAB     (small stone with  intials only)

Blunden, Walter J     Died: Mar 20, 1885   Aged 64y 2m 5d

Blunden, William G   Died: Aug 7, 1869  Aged 23y 6m 18d  son of W J & J Bluden

Blunden, Harriet Ann   Died: Jan 7, 1887   Aged: 36y 1m 13d

Blunden, Julia          Died: Sept 29, 1893   Aged: 78y 4m 28d  "She faltered by _____and the angels took her home."

Pierman, Margaret A  Died Mar 12, 1883   Aged: 45y 4m 20d  wife of Samuel Pierman     close-up

Pierman, Samuel      Died: Jan 7, 1904   Aged:  76y 6m 10d   close-up         front of Pierman Monument

Pierman, William     Died: June 1, 1851   Aged: 25y 10m 3d

Pierman, Sarah        Died: Mar 30, 1863   Aged: 28y 3m 3d

Pierman, Mary         Died: Mar 6, 1885   Aged 95y   wife of J Pierman    "Mother & Father"   photo submitted by April Nienberg

Pierman, James      Died: May6, 1870    Aged: 80y   " Our mother and father are gone, they lie beneath.  Dear parents though we miss you much, we know you rest with God."         photo submitted by April Nienberg

Rice, Cilicia          Died: Jun 8, 1881  Aged: 56y 9m 9d  dau of Stillman and Mary Blodgett  (broken stone)

Blodget, Stillman  Born: Mar 14, (1788)   Died: Dec 20, 1863   Aged: 75y 9m 4d  "Father"    close-up

Blodget, Mary Flint   Born: Jun 17, 1794   Died: Sept 24, 1891  Aged: 97y 3m 7d

Blodget, William     Born: Jul 13, 1828   Died: Aug 19, 1904

Blodget, Sarah Jane   Born Sept 22, 1836  Died: Apr 5, 1874

Blodget, Eliza A      Born: May 11, 1851    "Gone But Not Forgotten"

Blodget, Royal N     Died: Dec 27, 1884 "at Sanatoga, Pratt Co Kansas"  Aged: 20y 1m 9d  " Now he has left us, his spirit has fled, his body now slumbers in peace with the dead"

Rollins, Charles     Died: Jun 19, 1879  Aged: 77y 6m 9d

Rollins, Eliza        Died: Mar 19, 1880   Aged: 70y 9m 6d

Strambaugh, M A   Born: Aug 18, 1829   wife of P S Strambaugh  (broken stone)

Strambaugh, P S    Born: 1811   Died: 1880  (broken stone)

Emlinger, Matilda   Died: Jun 8, 1893  Aged: 69y 3m

Stambaugh, E J    1853-1951

Stambaugh, Ella   1866-1891  wife of E J Stambaugh

Badman, Homer   Died: Oct 24, 1866   Aged:11y 5m 10d

Badman, Rebecca  Died: Dec 5, 1864  Aged: 7y 3m 5d  (children of J S Badman)

Badman, John     Died: Oct 17, 1870  Aged 56y 3m 4d

Front of Badman Monument

Sackett, Violet A   Born: Jul 10, 1876   Died: Dec 16, 1953      photo submitted by April Nienberg

Sackett, Stubert S   Born: Dec 27, 1871   Died: Dec 13, 1934   photo submitted by April Nienberg

Sackett, Charles     Born: Jun 23,1871    Aged: 28y 10m 1d

Sackett, Sumner C    Born: Jan 23, 1867   Died: Dec 5, 1931 photo submitted by April Nienberg

Sackett, Homer W  Born:Jul 3, 1836    Died: apr 9, 1912  son of J Y Sackett

Sackett, Mary Born:Apr 16, 1841    Died: Apr 30, 1899  wife of Homer W Sackett

Sackett, J Y      Born:May 8, 1804   Died: Nov 11, 1880       photo submitted by April Nienberg        close-up

Sackett, Rachel W     Born: Nov 4, 1813  Died: Apr 7, 1883  wife of J Y Sackett     photo submitted by April Nienberg

Sackett, William P    Died: Nov 17, 1861    Aged: 23y 6m 12d  son of J Y & R W Sackett

Sackett, Samuel L    Died: Aug 27, 1841    Aged: 5m 24d  son of J Y & R W Sackett

Sackett, Martha      Died: Jun 5, 1840    Aged 7m 24d   dau of J Y & R W Sackett

Sackett, William Putnam    Aged: 23y 6m 13d

Sackett, Samuel    Died: Aug27,1841    Aged: 24d    son of S Y & R W Sackett

Heckerman, Daniel  Member of Co G 99th OVI  Died: Feb 2, 1880    Aged: 37y 3m

Marks, Caroline O   Died: Jan 25, 1882    Aged: 12y 10m 4d  "Farewell vain world, I am at home and I am waiting for you to come."

Marks John  1822-1905

Marks, Isabelle  1834-1912

Stevens, Geroge W    Co O 175 Ohio Inf     Photo submitted by April Nienberg

Stevens, Melissa   1855-1940     Photo submitted by April Nienberg

Stevens, Olive   1875-1894

Marks, Cordella  1859-1948   wife of David Marks

Marks, David       Born: Nov 30, 1855   Died: Sept 25, 1897  Aged: 41y 9m 29d

Wilson, Margaret  Died: Dec 7, 1863   Aged: 27y 9m 5d   wife of William Wilson

Van Buskirks, Alfred   Born: Oct 7, 1832   Died: Jul 5, 1896  BNYY VOL CAV

Tiema,  ?   Born: Aug 21, 1872   Died Jul 10, 1899

Gale, Ruth    Born: Sept 2, 1897   Died: Oct 26, 1897   dau of Neal & Elsie Gale

Gale, Iva      Born: Dec 20, 1870   Died:  aug 4, 1889

Stevens, Elma Adelle    Died: Oct 9, 1859    Aged: 5y 5d  dau of A & A J Stevens

    (previous 4 markers are together)

Gettman, Henry       Died: Aug 11, 1892   Aged: 8y 2m 17d  son of William & E J Gettman   "Lovely whose sparkling eyes increased our joys, but now they are gone and we are lonely."         close up

Van Buskirk, Winfield    1849-1897   "Father"

Pierman, George     Born: Feb 19, 1830   Died: June 6, 1905 Photo submitted by April Nienberg

Butler, Nancy Winder   1843-1925   Wife of L W Butler

Butler Monument

Butler, Lyman Wooster     1834-1915

Butler, Albert Vernon      1870-1909    FGB

Stevens, Elma Adell     Died: Oct 9, 1859   Aged: 5w 5d   dau of A & A J Stevens

Daub, Herman L     Died: Jul 5, 1859   Aged 1y 2m

Smith, Pheby     Died: Feb 9, 1855   Aged: 1y 11m  dau of A W & S C Smith

Lutz, Goostem     Died:  ?    wife of G Lutz

Lutz, Justena     Died: Sept 10,1859   Aged: 38y 19d   wife of George Lutz   Photo submitted by April Nienberg

Lutz, Ellen     Died: Sept 14,1859   Aged: 4m 12d   dau of G & J Lutz

Lutz, George     Died: Jun 28, 1898   Aged: 86y 7m             Photo submitted by April Nienberg

Pope, George W    Born: Feb 15, 1854   Died: Sept 26 ,1892   Aged: 38y 7m 11d        close up

Fetters, Mary     Died: Feb 7, 1895   Aged: 37y 15d

Seitz, Charles G    1857-1893

Seitz, F B      Died:  1861

Unreadable Marker

St Clair, Paul     Died: Feb 13, 1894   Aged: 2y 6m 26d  son of D B & Annie Gallogly


Seitz, Philemon B     Born: Jun 10, 1827   Died: Jun 30, 1916

Ketner, Andrew     1811-1897

Ketner, Mary A     1827-1901

Ketner, Isabella F     1859-1860

Ketner, George A     1869-1871

Ketner, Martha A     Died: Jul 10, 1903   Aged: 20y 8m 8d   dau of James & Alice

Jinkins, Mary     Died: Apr 26, 1867   Aged: 82y 8m 16d

Jinkins, Mary A     Died: Sept 11, 1896   Aged: 75y 5m 3d

Byers, Sally     Died: Mar 27, 1861   Aged: 29y 10m

Siders, Rebecca     Died: Dec 26, 1861   Aged: 24y 8m

Seitz, Nimrod     Died: Mar 19, 1842   Aged: 15y 11m   son of J & R Seitz     Photo submitted by April Nienberg

Seitz, Daniel     Died: Apr 18, 1841   Aged: 8y 11m   son of J & R Seitz

Seitz, Abraham     Died: Jun 6, 1864   Aged: 29y 5m 17d  son of Abraham and Rebecca Seitz     Photosubmitted by April Nienberg ahe intersection of Road M and Road 7

Seitz, Abraham   Died: Jan 7, 1882  Aged: 85y 6m 12d

Seitz, Rebecca     Died: Oct 22, 1857   Aged: 63y 10m 3d   wife of Abraham

Levesque, Mercy     Died: May 2, 1867   Aged: 85y   wife of C W Levesque      Photosubmitted by April Nienberg

marker   "NIMRAL"

marker   "Mother"

Levesque, Mary

Seitz, Nancy

Blodget, Harriet     Died: Aug 9, 1895   Aged: 61y 10m 16d

Carr, Solomon     1860-1935

Carr, Caroline H     1860-1893

Blodget, Harmon L   Died: Oct 5, 1895   Aged: 25y 9m 2d

Miller, James     Died: Dec 23, 1869   Aged: 43y 4m 21d

Miller, Sidney M     Died: Oct 1, 1892   Aged: 63y 7m 17d

Shay, Gary     Born: May 18, 1861   Died: Feb 22, 1869   son of S K & L Shay

Harden, Sophronia     Born:  May 8, 1857   Died: May 5, 1892   Aged: 34y 11m 27d   wife of P Harden   close-up     Photosubmitted by April Nienberg

Clymer, Clarence M     Died: Oct 17, 1900   Aged: 1y 2m 17d   son of W O & A J Clymer   (This stone was toppled over)   front of stone


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