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Here is a link to the Video of this cemetery project, sent to me by Terry Patterson, father of Aaron.  This shows all the work they did to update this cemetery to its present state.  Enjoy this video , and Thanks for sharing it with us Terry and Aaron!

Reynolds Cemetery 

     This is a very well cared for Cemetery, located out in the country between, Rimer, Ft Jennings, Kalida and Columbus Grove.  The sign posted and the fence, was the project of an Eagle Scout, Aaron M Patterson from Kalida, Ohio in 2008.  When I saw this, I thought what a wonderful project for Aaron to choose, the care of our Ancestors' Memories.  The very next day (ironically, and thankfully) I received an email from another Eagle Scout who also chose this project as well, for Mt Calvary Cemetery in Ft Jennings.  This project is underway, and that cemetery will be added soon to this site too.

(more to come soon!)

Tombstones:                          In Memory of:

Reynolds Monument

Reynolds, Elizabeth     Born: July 16,1826   Died: Sept 20,1900   Aged: 74y 2m 4d   wife of R Reynolds

Reynolds, Roger     Born: Jan 14,1801 in North Wales   Died: June 24,1881   Aged: 80y 5m 10d

Reynolds, Sarah E     1852-1933

Reynolds, Richard     1850-1931

Reynolds, Francis M     Died: Mar 5,1825   Aged: 2y 2m 10d   son of R & S E Reynolds

Reynolds, Mary     1867-1942

Reynolds, Evan     1851-1936

Reynolds, James F     Died: Nov 2,1872   Aged: 3y 23d

Reynolds, Roger S     1847-1987

Reynolds, Sarah E     1851-1922   "His Wife"

Reynolds, Richard     1921-1983   Sgt US Army   WWII

Reynolds, Richard R     1921-1983 

Reynolds, Betty R     1922-1976       back of stone

Reynolds, Margaret     1890-1975

Reynolds, Raymond     1892-1948

Reynolds, D S     1856-1917

Reynolds, Lusetta     1856-1925   "His Wife"

R K     1894-1895

Emerson     1888-1904

Reynolds, Mary     1860-1932

Reynolds, Ben     1862-1935

Reynolds, Beulah F     1895-1992

Reynolds, Ben H     1891-1961

Reynolds, Elizabeth     1860-1942

Reynolds, J Thomas     1858-1940

Reynolds, George     1855-1942

Reynolds, Samantha     1849-1938

Reynolds, Charles M     1860-1910

Reynolds, Rosetta     1863-1915    "His Wife"

Reynolds, William H     1887-1973

Reynolds, Gloria Madeline     Oct 21-28, 1921   dau of Arnie & Amelia Reynolds

Reynolds, Arnie     1892-1954

Shellhouse, Lucille R     1905-2003

Bishop, John W     1842-1919

Bishop, Stacia A     1857-1935

Myers, Rollie R     1901-1902

Sims, Albert E     Died: 1902   Aged: 1m 2d

Sims, Herbert R     Died: 1902   Aged: 1m

Sims, Alvero D     1861-1943

Sims, Emma (Reynolds)     1863-1947

Stearns, Cloyde Lester     1894-1940

Stearns, Mary Elizabeth     1897-1977

Stearns, Emma Rosalind     1921-1930   "Darling"

Dart, Amanda Wroe     1870-1916

Winget, Willard A     1902-1959

Winget, Mary     1905-1994

Edwards, Doris     1922-1930

Edwards, Robert E     1924-1947

Edwards, Esther     1896-1968

Edwards, Spencer     1897-1972

Edwards, Janet Lea     Born: July 25,1934   Died: Aug 23,1979

Westenbarger, Ann Janelle     1929-1929

Westenbarger, Rogard E     Born: July 20,1919   Died: Mar 2,1999        T Sgt US Army   World War II  

Westenbarger, Reynold Leo     1926-1947     US Navy Vetern WW II

Westenbarger, Leo B     1893-1957

Westenbarger, Arrah D     1896-1983

Westenbarger, Jonas     1876-1956

Westenbarger, Lydia Bogardus     1870-1936

Westenbarger,Maggie Strayer     1889-1969 

Barnes, Enoch L     1880-1946

Barnes, Oral R     1884-1960

Krouse, Alonzo M     1869-1944

Krouse, Emma K    1875-1939 

Krouse, Samuel G     1873-1962

Krouse, Rosa M     1882-1914

Beach, Marvin K     1910-1993     back of stone 

Clevenger, John F     1870-1940

Clevenger, Lillie E     1871-1971

Clevenger, Lillian     1911-1989

Barnhart, Eunice E     Born: Oct 15,1907   Died: June 4,1997   "Daughter"

Barnhart, Lewis C     1862-1934

Barnhart, Ada L     1867-1916   "His Wife"

Harruff, Florence M     1905-1990

Harruff, Richard A     1902-1987   "Buried at Sea"



(more coming soon!)

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