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Raabe Cemetery

Raabe Cemetery is a small cemetery just off State Route 189 outside of Ft Jennings, Ohio.  Located east of town and north of Rt 12, you'll find this cemetery tucked in between homesites in a nice country setting.  (This is a complete listing of this cemetery)

Tombstones:                 In Memory of:

Raabe, John     1828-1896

Raabe, Elizabeth   1835-1922   "His Wife"

Raabe, Herman C     Died:                Aged: 46y

Raabe, Louisa     1863-1955

Raabe, Albert H      Died: Aug 3, 1875   Aged: 9y 11m 1d  son of J & E Raabe

Raabe, Emma S     Died: July 27, 1875   Aged: 5y 6m   Dau of J & E Raabe

Bleuthman, John C Fredrick     Born: Dec 21, 1859   Died: Sept 6, 1910

Cumming, Helen     1824-1884

Cumming, Arnold     1876-1876

Meyer, Anna C     1867-1938

Wagner, Henry J      1870-1939

Hedrick, Hier Ruhet Johann   Died: Nov 1884  Aged: 79y 10m 8d

Discher, Maria A     Died: Mar 21 1900   Aged: 87y 7m 8d             " Mother"   wife of J Discher

Discher, John     Died: Sept 16, 1873   Aged: 81y 11m 21d     "Father"

Freund, Jacob     Died: Aug 1?, 1885   Aged: 85y 6m 4d   "Father"

Freund, Katharina Chefrau   Died:  Nov 15, 1871     Aged: 69y  ? m            " Mother"   Wife of Jacob Freund

Allemeier, J Otto   Died: Aug 1885   Aged: ?  6d    son of J W & H M Allemeier

Bleuthmann       verse-no names    (small unreadable stones in the ground)

Woeldecke, Fredrick     Died: Feb 5, 1895   Aged: 82y 8m 6d

Bluthmann, Fredrika     1840-1921

Bluthmann, Johann C     Died: Mar 10,1886   Aged: 66y 9m 2d

Bluthmann, Maria E      Died: Oct 9, 1872    Aged: 87y 6m

Bleuthmann, Karl     Died July 18, 1872    Aged: 49y 9m 6d

Schlatman, Grandma Mary     Born: Sept 29,1861   Died: Oct 8, 1894

Lehmkuhle, Catharina W     Born: Mar 20, 1833   Died: Nov 6, 1874  Aged: 41y 7m 20d   Wife of B H Lehmkuhle

Baugh, Catharina     Born: Apr 2, 1801   Died: Aug 14, 1870   Aged: 69y 4m 12d   wife of Christian Baugh

Stoffer, Rosa S     Died: Sept 27, 1890   Aged: 1m 23d

Wegener, Charles H F     Died: July 23, 1875   Aged: 10m 23d

Wegener, Frank F     Died: Sept 23, 1907   Aged: 50y1m 17d

Wegener, Christian     Died: Oct 18, 1891   Aged: 68y

Wegener, Sabilla     Died: July 9, 1914   Aged: 78y 2m 11d   "His wife"

Freund, John      Died: Apr 5, 1897   Aged: 54y 10m 25d

Freund, Francis     Died Feb 26, 1904   Aged: 52y 10m   Wife of J Freund   "Father and Mother"

Friend, Anna     Died: Dec 27, 1896 (or 1876)   Aged: 81y

Bernsnider, Charles     Died: Sept 16, 1907   Aged: 95y 1m 8d

Bernsnider, Catharina   (no dates)  wife of C Bernsnider

Allemeier, John F     Died: Jun 10, 1891   Aged: 9y 9m 25d    son of Jacob & Louisa Allemeier

Smit, F J     Died: July 17, 1893   Aged: 76y 11m 24d

Smit, Arnolda     1812-1906

Hoffer, Mary C      Died: Feb 23, 1907   Aged: 34y 8m 7d      wife of L E Hoffer

Hoffer, Milton C     Died: Oct 1, 1900   Aged: 3y 10m 24d    son of L E & M C Hoffer 

Meyer, Manferd J     1899-1944   

Meyer, Bessie     1905-2004











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