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Pomeroy Cemetery

     Pomeroy Cemetery is also now known as the Ottawa Cemetery.  It is located on the South side of the Blanchard River on Williamstown Road. This entire cemetery was documented and photographed by April Nienberg.  Thank you April!   This is a complete listing of all tombstones.

Tombstones:                       In Memory of:

Row 1

Thomas, George S     1882-1972    

Thomas, Blanche A     1887-1978    

Shadrach, Charles E     1909-1956    

Shadrach, Thelma J     1911-2002    

Ricker, John A     Born: June 14,1938   Died: Nov 10,1998   Sp 4 US ARMY    

Norment, Mary     ????-1999    

Richmond, John T     1867-1931    

Richmond, James W     1861-1926    

Ruch, M E     1870-1933   "Mother"    

Ruch, W O Sr     1866-1944   "Father"    

Hartley, Richard     1921-1935      

Hite, Ella P Frey     1901-1927     

Schreiber, George W     1938-1939   son of  R D & C M Schreiber     

Smith, Trudy A ( Schreiber)     Feb 1920- Dec 2001     

? Smith, Unknown   (to the left of Trudy Smith)       

Schreiber, George P     1877-1947     

Schreiber, Maggie E     1878-1945

? Schreiber, Unknown   (to the left of the Schreiber' s)      

? Schreiber, 2cd Unknown    ( 2cd to the left of the Schreiber's)     

Frey, Calvin Alexander     1887-1947     

Frey, Bess J     1887-1951     

M    (to the left of Bess Frey)       

Willoughby, Anna Elizabeth    1847-1953       

Willoughby, Charlie M     1864-1943     

Bice, Martha E " Mother "     1854-1932       

Straman, Lovina     1860-1931     

Straman, Bernard J     1866-1927

Hazelton, Chloe V     1895-1969     

Hazelton, John W     1888-1961

Core, Deloris V     1913-1945      

Hazelton, James E     1935-1935      

H (to the left of James E Hazelton)         

Ford, Geo P     1885-1935        

Fachting, Levie     1863-1935        

Fachting, Matilda     1854-1945

Maidlow, Mary Helen     1913-1925      

Maidlow, Wiliam J     1886-1942      

Maidlow, Ethel F     1890-1959

Mormon, Judith Ann     Oct 26,1941   dau of Harry & Margaret Morman

Maidlow, Thomas O     1930-1945      

Hazelton, Frank M     Born: May 9,1931   Died: Oct 9,1994   CPL US ARMY  Korea      

Miller, Carl     1932-1995   "Free At Last" 


 Row 2


 Bedford, Martha E     1902-1978    

Ricker, Evelyn Goddard     1910-1976    

Miller, Lorene G     Born: Jan 4,1925   Died: Nov 5,1920    

Brown, Flora Belle     1863-1890    

Brown, David Sr     1884-1901    

Brown, Elizabeth     1827-1915    

Unknow  (#7)    

Motter, Angeline     Born: Oct 31,1847   Died: Jan 3,1914    

Richmond, Mary A     Born: May 9,1833   Died: Sept 21,1909     

Unknown (#9)     

Hummel, John B     1842-1893    

Hummel, Katherine     1849-1896   "His Wife"

Jumper Monument    

Jumper, Mary L     Born: Apr 11,1837   Died: Feb 11,1896   

Jumper, William H     Born: Feb 14,1830   Died: June 30,1911      

Pomeroy, Calvin Guy     1861-1911    

Shoemaker  (#13)    

Frey, Fred F     1850-1923    

Frey, Elizabeth Condell     1850-1929      

Frey, Ruth C     1891-1956    

Condell, Sarah     1806-1881     

Powell, Martha J     1872-1948      

Radabaugh, Harry H     1838-1883      

Radabaugh, Elizabeth     1848-1908

Radabaugh, H H   Sgt Co 1 99th Ohio INF     

Cox, Mary Edna     Born: July 26,1879   Died: June 20,1890   dau of E B & M E Cox    

Unknown (# 21)    

Allen, John C     Died: Aug 31,1872   Aged: 25y 7m 16d      close-up    

Oglesbee, Abraham     1846-1938      

Oglesbee, Herbert G     1902-1971    

Oglesbee, Mildred B     1905-1981    

Klett, Bernice Oglesbee     1898-1977      

Gagnon, Marlene H Oglesbee     Born: Apr 3,1927   Died:Sept17,2004    Updated Photo


Row 3

Dillon, Wilbur Jr     1951-1977    

Winkle, Rudy     1904-1976   

Schrieber, Ralph D     1907-1970   

Schrieber, Chloe M     1909-1972

Schrieber, Ralph D     Born: Sept 1,1907   Died: Feb 18,1970   Tec 5 1380 Engr Petrl Distr Co   WWII   

Davis, Jacob P Jr     Born: Mar 4,1923   Died: Dec 9,1997   PFC US Army WW II   

Davis, Howard E Sr     Born: Dec 27,1928   Died: Mar 30, 1999   Pvt US Army WWII     

Palmer, Ada     Born: July 20,1869   Died: Jan 14,1893   wife of William Palmer          close-up    

Fortney, Gladys M     1910-1917   dau of E D & I A Fortney   

Furrow, Bert W     Born: Jan 14,1894   Died: Aug 21,1917    

Pund, Frank G     Born: Apr 17,1873   Died: Fan 20,1940      

Hite, Glen Franklin     Born: Feb 20,1895   Died: Aug 29,1918      

Stevens, Cora E     1875-1927   wife of Francis M Stevens    

Hite, Leroy     1900-1945    


Unknown #15    

Douglas, Viola A     1874-1944    

Douglas, Herbert W     1875-1942    

Unknown #17    

Slych, Leander F     1840-1920    

Aerni, Mary F     1860-1936    

Unknown #20    

Noris, Emma     1875-1941      full view      

Unknown #22    

Post, Edward     1852-1921  

Post, Alice     1865-1926      

Bakkala, Louise     1900-1925   dau of Edward & Alice Post  

Matthews, Amy (Bowman)     1859-1943   

Matthews, John Kimbal     1823-1907   Co 1 88 O V I  

Unknown #25    

Pugh, Day     1822-1882  

Pugh, Elizabeth     1822-1890     close-up

Pugh, Ralph G     1859-1882   

Pugh, Alice M     1851-1890      

Pugh, ?  

Hazelton, Natash Renee     Born: Apr 27,1988   Died: Mar 10,1989   dau of Francis & Annette Hazelton  

Hazelton, Terry L     Born: Mar 15,1953   Died: Apr 16,1996   Pvt US Army   

Core, Donald Dean     Born: Feb 13,1915   Died: May 31,1968   Ohio Pvt 28 Signal Bn   WWII   

Hazelton, William S     1924-1946   E Troop 68th Const Sodn 3rd Reg  Died in Germany


Row 4

Barnett, Charles A     Born: Jan 9,1899   Died: May 1,1988

Oard, Christopher A     1917-1988

Beckley, Susie     1901-1983

Radabaugh, William N     1904-1976   "Father"

Radabaugh, Pauline M     1898-1965   "Mother"

Heasley, Clare B     Died: 1892

Heasley, S     1841-1917    "Father" 

Heasley, Phidelia     1851-1937   "Mother"

Haskell, A W     1891-1900

Haskell, George Carlos     1875-1901   Ottawa Fire Dept

Haskell, Margaret E     1899-1981

Jenkins, Nelle H     1878-1970

Jenkins, George L     1884-1952

Jenkins, Frances A     1912-2001

Hathaway, Esse V     1870-1939

Hathaway, Frances B     1848-1902   wife of C M Hathaway

Hathaway, Charles M     1842-1929   WWII 1917-1918

Spalt, Mary M     1857-1925

Behrens, Mildred     Born: May 1,1908   Died: May 1,1908   close-up

Behrens, Charles C     1878-1971

Behrens, Celia M     1882-1918    close-up

Behrens, James A     1912-1947

Behrens, Charles E     1905-1975

Behrens, Charles E     1905-1975   PFC US Army  WWII

Unknown #21

Unknown #22

Row, Nelson L     1824-1904

Row, Eliza A     1838-1928   "His Wife"

Goetschius, Louise M     1874-1957

Goetschius, M P     1862-1924


Goetschius, Louisa M     1833-1871   close-up

Goetschius, Nicholas     1836-1894   close-up



Flick, Naomi     1901-1994

Flick, Cory I     1887-1946

Flick, Herbert A     1940-2002

Row 5

Rigdon, Eva Ellen     1898-1983

Fought, John Leroy     Born: Jan 28,1920   Died: Jan 10,1981

Slygh, Harold E   Born: Feb 21,1925   Died: Oct 29,1992   PFC US ARMY WWII

Olney, Charles F     1865-1934   Ottawa Fire Dept

Slygh, Christine V     Born: Jan 29,1925   Died: May 30,1980

Dashner, Anna     Died: July 6,1979

Olney, James L     1827-1917

Oleny, Olevia     1869-1929

Craig, Anna J     1842-1918

Craig, George T     1833-1902   Co K 14 OVI    GAR 1861-1865

Craig, Newton J     1868-1900

Boaz, Harold A     Born: Sept 8,1914   Died: Mar 20,1916   son of R A & J E Boaz

Boaz, Russell A     1879-1944

Phalen, Frona Moore     1880-1955

Moore, Pearl C     Born: Sept 19,1871   Died: Aug 4,1923

Reed, Elanore     1876-1918   close-up

Snider, Matilda     1849-1904

Snider, Thomas     1831-1912

Fuller, Adolphus     1845-1924

#19   Unreadable     close-up

#20   Unreadable     close-up

Cutchall, Laura     1868-1921

Cutchall, Daniel L     1848-1942

#22   Unreadable

Shondal, ?                  Ottawa Fire Dept

Shondal, John     Died: Feb 1,1890   Aged: 61y 4m 12d     GAR

#25   Unreadable

Wolfe, Nora Craig     1873-1953

Wolfe, Everett     1869-1945

Seitz, Mary I     1876-1956

Seitz, Royal     1874-1973     Ottawa Fire Dept

Row 6 

Heffelfinger, June J     1925-1986

Crowe, Laura     1894-1981

Filipowski, Frank     Born: May 18,1894   Died: April 5,1981

Cartwright, Charles C     Born: Aug 1,1898   Died: April 18,1940           Sgt 146 Ohio INF  37 Div   1917-1918

Cartwright, Children of Sam & Ann Cartwright

Cartwright, Samuel M     Born: May 1,1853   Died: Aug 26,1916

Cartwright, Ann     Born: July 7,1859   Died: Aug 9,1905   "his wife"

Evans, Ruth C     Born: Dec 9,1895   Died: July 7, 1968

Evans, E Floyd     Born: Dec 18,1893   Died: Dec 28,1969                 Back of stone

Gray, Lester H     Born: May 9,1892   Died: Jan 2,1900

Cowan, Grace C     Born: Sept 2,1895   Died: Oct 18,1900   dau of J & J Cowan

Cowan, John     1861-1936

Cowan, Jane     1869-1958

Cowan, Watrena Mary     1889-1974

Blakeman, Harriet     Born: Oct 29,1850   Died: Oct 28, 1897   wife of F M Blakeman

Blakeman, Francis M     Born: Oct 28,1835   Died: Oct 8,1913   Co K 182 Reg OVI   GAR 1861-1865

Nichols, John A     Born: Dec 29,1844   Died: Aug 28,1913

Nichols, Elizabeth     Born: Mar 19,1841   Died: Feb 27,1904   wife of John A Nichols

McMonigal, Alexander     Co O 138 Oh INF

McMonigal, Carrie     1882-1929   "Mother"   wife of W M McMonigal

McMonigal, Vivian Ruth     Born: Feb 23,1931   Died: Feb 23,1931   Dau of Chester & Pearl McMonigal

Spencer, Ralph G     1844-1911  

Spencer, Frediricka     1845-1928  wife of Ralph G Spencer

McGinnis Monument

McGinnis, Joseph     Born: Sept 12,1835   Died: Jan 29,1915   "Father"

McGinnis, William     Died: Dec 12,4 1903   Aged: 21y 2m 12d   son of Joseph McGinnis


Mitchell, Joseph B     18314-1896

Mitchell, Isabella M     1834-1907

Neuman, Clara Bailey     1864-1936

Neuman, Edward J     1868-19__

Driffield, Halce Baily     1887-1948    

Driffield, Frank Edward     1876-1949

Shoup Monument

Shoup, Samuel     Born: Feb 14,1828   Died: Mar 14,1880

Shoup, Nancy E     Born: Nov 9,1832   Died: Sept 6,1893

Shoup, Samuel Jr     Born: Aug 31,1866   Died: Mar 28, 1899

Shoup, Jennie F     Born: Feb 12,1864   Died: Aug 6,1866  (on the side)

Shoup, James J     Born: Dec 25,1854   Died: Mar 14,1872

Muntz, C W     1860-1944      emblem

Muntz, Dora     1865-1938

Row 7

Muntz, Carl     Born: Nov 21,1886   Died: Aug 29,1958

Biggers, William P     Born: Dec 22,1922   Died: Mar 15,1995

Smith, Joseph E     1904-1990   Pvt. US Army


Gall, Anna     1910-1989

McDougle, David     Born & Died: Jun 26,1989

Ury,     ?             Died: Oct 8,1894   Aged: 18y 7m 27d    dau of C C & A H Ury        close-up

Ury, Christopher C     Born: Mar 24,1840   Died: Sept 22,1919   Co I 99 Reg OVI

Ury, Aririna H     Born: Jan 5,1842   Died: Feb 6,1916   "His Wife"

Frey, Lizzie     Died: Jan 26,1890   Aged: 26y 6m 10d      close-up

Frey, Charles A     Born: Sept 23,1829   Died: Feb 3,1908

Frey, Lydia     Born: Sept 21,1829   Died: Jan 22,1907   "His Wife"

Frey, Jennie F     1859-1938

Frey, Edwin Leslie     1861-1940

Frey, Mazie H     1869-1950

Kline, Harry W     Died: Aug 17,1920   Oh Pvt 146 INF 37 Div  

#14  Unknown

McMonigal, Mary E     Born & Died Jan 15,1918

Hodge, Andrew V     Born: Dec 5,1834   Died: June 1, 1912   close-up

Farchting, James F                     close-up

Creighton, Michael     Died: Nov 3,1888   Aged: 44y

Radabaugh, C Marguerite     1907-1982

Radabaugh, Emma I     1879-1958

Radabaugh, William E     1876-1947

Row 8

Reed, John M     Born: Oct 1,1920   Died: Mar 9,1993   WWII

Jenkins Monument

Jenkins, Chris B   Born: June 24,1816   Died: Aug 26,1903

Jenkins, Rebecca     Died: Jan 29,1885   Aged: 69y 3m 14d   wife of C Jenkins

Jenkins, William     Died: July 6,1880   Aged: 88y    (located on side of Jenkins Monument)

???, Lulu

Bardett, Joseph     Born: May 24,1840   Died: July 13,1918   Co I 99 OVI

Bardett, Amanda     Born: April 19, 1854   Died: Aug 23,1938

Byers, Rebecca     Born: June 7,1867   Died: Dec 7,1884   dau of B & S Byers     close-up

Henes, Robert C     1888-1949

Henes, Chloe (Cowan)     1891-1978

Borneman, Carl Walter     Born: Apr 11,1897   Died: June 26,1959   backside

Borneman, Helen J     1899-1987

Kitchen, John W     1852-1893   son of J & E Kitchen

Kitchen, Horace N    1836-1906   son of J & E Kitchen

Kitchen, Walter S     1866-1895   son of J & E Kitchen

Kitchen, Anna E     1879-1897   dau of J & E Kitchen

Kitchen, Harris     Died: Mar 27,1888   Aged: 3y 2m 24d   son of John & Emma Kitchen     close-up

#14 Unknown

Kitchen, Jos          34th Ohio Inf

Robenalt, Allen T     1870-1925   " Father "

Robenalt, Jennie M (Willoughby)     1875-1930  " Mother " 

Barr, Cora V     Born: June 2,1870   Died: Mar 28,1995

Barr, Rachael A     1843-1955   " Mother "

Barr, John C     Born: Dec 3,1834   Died: Aug 1,1903   Co D 54 OVI 94 Oh Inf

Rice, Samuel B     Died: June 3,1877   Aged: 37y 7m 1d   close-up

Rice, Charlotte S     1842-1884    close-up

Rice, Samuel B     Died: Oct 23,1879   Aged: 4y 10m 2d 

Rice, Seney

Rice, Julia S     Died: oct 5,1870   Aged: 1y 9m 8d

#27 Unknown

Borgardus, C E     Born: July 4,1864   Died: Feb 19,1887

Douglas, Ivan L     1900-1947

Row 9


#2 Unknown

Oberbeck, Aaron     1843-1919   Co A 57 Regt OVVI GAR

Hipkins, T H B   Born: Jan 28, 1813   Died: Jan 9,1881    close-up

Hipkins, Margaret     Born: June 23,1817   Died: Nov 8,1890    close-up


Glass, Hattie V     Born: Aug 11,1852   Died: Aug 6,1937

Tupper, Eugene L     Born: Aug 30,1873   Died: Oct 21,1915

Tupper, Carrie (Loy)     Born: Jan 28,1875   Died: Feb 3,1942

Loy, William Godfrey   Born: Mar 13,1889   Died: Mar 16,1889   son of William H & Evaline G Loy

Loy, William H     1851-1925

Loy, Evaline Godfrey     1850-1893   wife of William H Loy

Kinder Monument

Kinder, George     1873-1874

Kinder, George D     1836-1923

Kinder, Zella Gordon     1844-1916

Tupper, Cordelia     1860-1936

Tupper, Charles     

Clark, Vilaty (Gallup)     Born: 1801   Died: Apr 25,1882   2cd view

Tupper, Dr C E     1829-1894     "Say Not Goodnight, but in some brighter Clime, Bid me Good Morning"

Tupper, Mary C (Gallup)    1838-1910

Tupper, W Clyde     1882-1931

Tupper, Blanche J     1883-1936

Ridenour, Carrie W     1880-1935

Wright, Samuel E     Died: Aug 11,1889   Aged: 43y 3m 1d     close-up

Wright, Willie D     Died: Dev 29,1872   Aged: 3y 1m 6d    

McKenzie, Homer E     1878-1942

McKenzie, Florence     1873-1967

Stauffer, Hazel R     Born: Aug 22,1907   Died: Dec 12,1907   dau of J W & L E Stauffer

McKenzie, Frankie     Died: Mar 2,1889

McKenzie, Lucinda     Born: Nov 9,1817   Died: Jan 9,1887   Aged: 70y 2m 

Robenalt, William E "Buck"      1881-1972

Robenalt, Mary K     1881-1981

Schreiber, Roy E "Fat"     1903-1952

Schreiber, Leo J     Born: June 30,1901   Died: Feb 1,1975   Pfc US Army

Row 10

Gilbert, Samuel E     Born: July 6,1868   Died: Sept 20,1902  

Brotherton, Harry C     Born: Nov 4,1875   Died: Jan 3,1881


Long, L'H Jacob     1833-1912   "Father"

Long, Mary Catherine     1831-1908   "Mother"

Tillinghast, L'H     1863-1898

Long, Alta J     Died: May 5,1884   Aged: 2m   dau of G L'H & M C Long

Brownfield, Julia     1883

Brownfield, Frank S     1918

Brownfield, Lois R     1938

Thuston, Ella     Born: Oct 26,1862   Died: Sept 3,1863   dau of I & J Thuston

Thuston, Alexander     Born: Dec 29,1813   in Wash. Co. Pa.   Died: Aug 28,1879   Aged: 64y 7m 29d

Thuston, Mary     Born: Mar 10,1820   Died: Oct 15,1851   wife of Alexander Thuston

Stoffer, Elizabeth     Born: Mar 10, 1824   Died: Nov 19,1901

Stoffer, Samuel R     Born: Oct 20,1819   Died: Oct 8,1858

Steadman, Mary     Died: June 2,1880   Aged: 87y 8m 21d   wife of James Steadman     close-up

Steadman, James     Died: Oct 12,1873   Aged: 86y   GAR

#12 Unknown

#13 Unknown 

Brower, Alice Edith  Born: Oct 9,1872   Died: Sept 2,1873   dau of S & S E Brower

Hopkins, Jemima     1825-1871   wife of Maj John Wilcox

Brower, Sarah Eliza     Born: Sept 22,1844   Died: June 14,1925

Frey, Florence     1879-1944   wife of Howard Stoltzfus

Light, Caroline     1859-1927   wife of Calvin Frey  

Harmon, Elizabeth     Died: Nov 21,1870   wife of D Harmon

Light, Samuel     Born: Mar 7,1819   Died: Jan 24,1874   Light Monument

Light, Amy     Born: Apr 19,1818

McCurdy, Minnie     Died: Aug 24,1860   Aged: 6y   adopted dau of D & S E McCurdy   "This lovely bud so young & fair, Called hence by early doom, Cam to show how sweet a flower in Paradise shall Bloom."

#22  Unknown

Row 11

Martin, Edith M     Born: Nov 4,1919   Died: Dec 27,1994

Martin, John B     1913-1977   Tec4 US Army WWII

Standley, Ima     1900-1984

Steinhour, John P     1878-1956

Steinhour, Bertie E     1878-1940

Steinhour, Little Helen     1918-1919   dau of John P & Bertie E Steinhour

#6   Unknown  (Steinhour?)

Steinhour, Infant dau of John P & Bertie E Steinhour   Born & Died: June 6,1906

Ellis, Frank, N     Born: Mar 30, 1855   Died: May 14,1913

Ellis Monument

Ellis, Elizabeth     Born: Aug 24,1814   Died: Jan 8,1895   wife of Smith A Ellis

Ellis, Smith A     Born: Aug 24,1808   Died: Feb 17,1890

Allen, Robert B     Died: June 5,1859   Aged: 34y 3m 26d   

Pardel, Mira     Died: Sept 30,1869   Aged: ??y 5m 15d   wife of S E Pardel

Cox, Judge John     Died: Sept 9,1825   Aged: 76y 7m 13d   close-up

Cox, Susan     Died: Apr 8,1862   Aged: 64y 9m 29d  wife of John Cox

Burgess, Rosa     Died: Aug 18,18??   Aged: 42y ?m   wife of A J Burgess

Burgess, Martha Jane     Died: Jan 10,1889   Aged: 69y 11m 10d

Burgess, ?     Died: June 6,186?   Aged: 67y

# 17 Unknown     Died: Apr 18??   Aged: 1y 6m 22d

Ruch, Neil F     Born: Oct 4,1890   Died: Sept 5,1911   son of W O & M E Ruch

Ruch, Royal D  Born: May 16,1898   Died: Dec 9,1915   son of W O & M E Ruch

Ruch, Katherine M     Born: Nov 8,1906   Died: Sept 6,1906   Died: Sept 6,1906   son of W O & M E Ruch

Cannon, Louisa J     Born: Feb 8,1838   Died: Sept 18,1904

Ruch, Ruth     Born: July 19,1904   Died: Jan 6,1916   dau of W O & M E Ruch

Ruch, Wayne R     Born: Apr 12,1894   Died: June 1,1916   son of W O & M E Ruch

Godwin, Elizabeth     1831-1863

Corthight, Aaron     Born: June 18,1865   Drowned: Dec ?,????

Sehrt, Henry C     1891-1929

Clippinger, Berta     Born: June 29,1865   Died: Aug 11,1866   "Berta"

Clippinger, Everett     Born: Jan 4,1898   Died: May 6,1890   "Everett"

Clippinger, Charles G     Born: Oct 9,1871   Died: Apr 22,1904   "Charles"

Clippinger, William F     Born: Apr 17,1841   Died: Apr 12,1876   "Father"

Clippinger, Mary M     Born: May 19,1839   Died: Oct 3,1900  his wife   "Mother"

Clippinger, Albert     Died: June 27,1869   Aged 53y 5m 19d

Clippinger, Sarah     Died: Apr 25,1886   Aged: 65y   wife of Albert Clippinger

Wright, Maria E     1843-1922

Wright, Prescott P     Co 1 95 Ohio Inf

Wright, Mariah B     1810-1885

11-#36 Unknown

Row 12

12-#1 Unknown

Bowersox, Helen M     1914-1918

12-#3 Unknown

12-#4 Unknown

Hughes, Milton M     1883-1936    Ottawa Fire Dept

Shadrich, Blanche     1882-1918

Taylor, Charles     Died: ??? 22,1876   Aged: 2y 9m 7d   son of H & ? Taylor

Allen, William E     Died: Mar, 1852   Aged: 6 wks   son of E K & S R Allen

12-#9 Unknown

12-#10 Unknown

Allen, Edward K     Born: Oct 20,1826   Died: Mar 10,1876

Allen, Seomantha R     Born: Aug 25,1824   Died: Feb 9,1873

Allen,            Born: Dec 22,1848   Died: Nov 11,1872   child of E K & S R Allen

Keller, Mary     Died: Mar 26,1864   Aged:                wife of John Keller

Blaize, Daniel P     Died: Nov 16,1874

Kline, Anthony     Born: Feb 8,1811   Died: Dec 6,1885  

Kline, Eliza J     Born: Jan 10,1817   Died: July 6,1886     Close-up

Kline, Idellah     Died: Aug 19,1866   Aged: 16y 26d   dau of A & E J Kline

Moore, Elizabeth C     Born: Mar 6,1836   Died: Jan 13,1898

Moore, Douglas E     Born: Sept 13,1860   Died: May 25,1869

Moore, John J     Born: Aug 3,1835   Died: Nov 18,1925  

Moore, Gilson H     1870-1911

Philby, Elizabeth     Died: July 18,1876   Aged: 32y 8m 1d

Paden, Jane     1842-1930

Paden, John     1807-1885

Paden, Matilda     1810-1875

Paden, Infant     Died: June 16,1878   Aged: 1d   son of D B & R Paden

Foltz, Emma B     Died: Aug 22,1860   Aged: 5m   dau of D M & Martha (Crum) Foltz

Foltz, Martha (Crum)     1844-1867   wife of D M Foltz

Gordon, John K     Born: Apr 26,1814   Died: May 6,1888   Close-up

Gordon, Jane C (Perry)     Born: May 27,1808   Died: Feb 6,1886

Perry, Hester     Died: Oct 21,1869   Aged: 79y

Row 13

Luxford, Robert J     1970-1971

Guevara, Maria     1902-1961

Alvarado, Maria Antonio     1921-1960

James, Alice V     1922-1963

Ambler, Olive B     1875-1969

Ryan, Velma     1899-1983

Ryan, Joe     1890-1975

Coffill, Rachael     Died: July 12,1867   Aged: 58y 10m 16d   wife of J Coffill

Campbell, William     Died: Dec 22,1872   Aged: ?y 3m 3d

Campbell, Robert Irvin     Died: Aug 11,1881   Aged: 27y 5m 15d

Newman, ?     Died: Dec ?,????     Aged: ?y ?m ?d

McBride, B E     Born: July 8,1824   Died: Sept 2,1887

McBride, Julia C     Died: Sept 23,1872   Aged 8y 5m 10d   dau of B E & Susan McBride

Row 14

Rollins, Forest S     Died: April 7,1846   Aged: 3y 4m 12d   son of S & M Rollins

Fowler, Andrew W     1832-1912

Fowler, Susan C

Miles Monument

Miles, Daniel M     Died: Feb 12,1877   Aged: 39y 3m 12d

Miles, Susan M     Died: Feb 5,1987    Aged: 28y 10m   wife of Daniel Miles

Miles, Laura May     Died: Dec 14,1867   Aged: 6m

Miles, Sarah Madge     Died: Aug 28,1871   Aged: 8m

Miles, Effie Jane     Died: Jan 31,1875   Aged: 6y

Bennett, Carol Anne     Died: Mar 4,1946   infant dau of Gale & Mary Bennett

Bennett, Conly P     Born: Oct 29,1835   Died: Feb 7,1899   Co G 167 Reg ONG

Bennett, Harriet M     Born: Apr 5,1841   Died: Jan 21,1916

Bennett, Florence H     1886-1976

Bennett, Willard L     1866-1932

Bennett, Lucie Ramey     Born: Aug 25,1874   Died: Oct 12,1902   dau of Conly & Harriet M Bennett

14-#9   Unknown

Hamilton, David P     Born: Dec 19,1869   Died: July 3,1911     close-up

Hamilton, Mary M     Born: Sept 9,1842   Died: Jan 6,1908

Hamilton, Charles L     Born: July 6,1865   Died: Jan 20,1938

Hamilton, Trueman     Born: Feb 1,1872   Died: July 17,1872

Hamilton, Isabella     Died: Jan 15,1906   Aged: 33y

Hamilton, Samuel G     Died: May 6,1907   Aged: 43y

Hamilton, Charles L     1865-1938

Hade, D W     Died: Feb 1,1863   Aged: 19y 5m 18d   GAR

14-#17   broken stone   62y 8m

14-#18   Unknown

14-#19   Unknown

Allen, Thomas G     1835-1861   GAR

Allen Monument

Allen Thomas     Died: July 17,1861   Aged: 26y 11m 13d   Capt Co D 21 Regt OVI    Killed At Seyville, Va

Allen, Charles W     Died: Dec 30,1864   Aged: 25y 3, 23d   Capt Co D 21 Regt OVI   Wounded in battle of Chickamauga in which he died.

Allen, Charles     1839-1864

Allen, Marie Eastman     1836-1888

Rice Monument

Rice, C H     1804-1870

Rice, Catherine M     1808-1874

Father - Mother - Seney

Row 15

Misner, Harry     Co I 88 Oho Inf

Williams, John E     Died: May 29,1800   Aged: 2y 10m 6d   son of J S & M Williams

Redd, Louisa     Died: Aug 19,1859   Aged: 1y 8m 19d   dau of J & E Redd   "Gone to be an Angel"   close-up

Slauson, J W     Died: Feb 9,1866   Aged: 33y

Slauson, Eveline     Died: Jan 1,1891   Aged: 58y

Willoughby, Eddie     Died: Sept 15,1874   Aged: 14m   son of L C & Mary Willoughby


Lentzy, Elizabeth     Died: Apr 6,1875   Aged: 65y 11m 20d   wife of Jacob Lentzy

Lentzy, Jacob     Died: Oct 15,1872   Aged: 61y 8m 15d    Close-up

Lentzy, Charles H     Died: May 6,1857   Aged: 3y 4m 16d   son of Jacob & Elizabeth Lentzy

Dewalt, Phillip     Died: Jan 27,1857   Aged: 51y 3m 15d

Burgess, Laura     Died: Sept 30,1867   Aged: 11, 13d   dau of J & ? Burgess

Hill, Harry     Born: Oct 18,1877   Died: Oct 21,1877   Infant son of W E & N J Hill

15-#12  ? Leonera

Ogle, Louise     Died: May 22,1881   Aged: 10m 4d   dau of Alex & Zoe G Ogle

Ogle, Zoe Godfrey     1855-1935   wife of Lt Alexander Ogle   USA

Godfrey, Infant Son of Charles Moore & Jane Godfrey

Godfrey, Jane (Gable)     Born: June 27,1821   Died: Feb 6,1877   wife of Charles Moore Godfrey

Godfrey Monument

Godfrey, Charles Moore     Born: June 17,1861   Died: May 8,1895

Row 16

Stull, George     Died: Nov 7,1867   Aged: 46y

Stull, William     Died: Mar 1,1868   Aged: 4y   son of G & S Stull

Shadrach, John T     1854-1908

Borhenn, Charles     Died: Apr 12,1899   Aged: 36y 7m 17d

Pomeroy, Lucy     1859-1888   dau of Guy & J C Pomeroy

Pomeroy, John D     Died: Dec 11,1855   Aged: 19y 9m 12d   son of G T & J Pomeroy

Pomeroy, Julia     Died: Nov 12,1858   Aged: 13y 9m 2d

Pomeroy, Capt Guy     Died: July 1,1861   Aged: 21y 8m   GAR

Pomeroy, Justine C     1830-1908   wife of Guy Pomeroy

Pomeroy, Julia Cox     Born: May 11,1810   Died: Nov 13,1869

McElroy, Guy   Died: Aug 29,1830   Lost with his Grandfather on Lake Huron

Pomeroy Monument

Pomeroy, Dr C T     Born Nov 1,1809   Died: Aug 29,1830   Lost in the Marine City Disaster on Lake Huron.

McElroy, May      Died: June 20,1870   Aged: 1y 2m 15d   dau of J M & E McElroy


Hattery, Maria     Born: Nov 6,1829   Died: Sept 28,1886   died in Delaware, Ohio

Pomeroy, Ebenezer     Born: Feb 22,1803   in South Hampton, Mass   Died: July 12,1876   in Ottawa, Ohio

Row 17

Barnes, Rev Adam C     1835-1923

Barnes, Jane Thrift     1832-1913

Barnes Monument

Barnes, Harriet Gee     1834-1866

Barnes, Charles M     1868-1871

Barnes, Helen F     1863-1953

Barnes, Hannah E     Died: May 27,1861   Aged: 1y 6m   dau of D & R Barnes

Cox, Jane F (Godfrey)     Born: June 19,1808   Died: Dec 10,1890   Aged: 82y 5m 21d   wife of David Cox

Cox, David     Died: Mar 14,1881   Aged: 75y 7m

Cox, Julia Pomeroy     1835-1917    close-up

Gallup, Edwin David     1865-1866

Gallup, Josiah Jr     1869-1871

Gallup, Josiah     1833-1875

Gallup Monument

Gallup, Naomi (Cox)     1844-1888

Row 18 

Brooks,      Died: Sept 8,1861   Aged: 5y   dau of D & R Brooks

18-#2   Unknown

Roof, Leona M     Born: Mar 4,1916   Died: Mar 17,1916   dau of H & V Roof


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