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Myers Cemetery

     This Cemetery is located at the end of a gravel Twp Rd, which appears to be a private drive.  It ends behind the barns of a farm, in a clearing of a small woods  near the south bank of the Blanchard River.  The cemetery is enclosed in a wire fence with a gate.  It is a very peaceful setting.  Not too many people even know it exists.  I was told by a relative of the farm owners, who has a cemetery located on his farm as well (Kirkendall Cemetery). This cemetery was established in 1839, seven years after the arrival of the Myers Family, when  John Myers Sr died.  Since there was no cemetery at the time the family buried him at the back of their log cabin on the bank of the Blanchard River.  It has remained a family burial ground.  A Civil War Vet, Isaiah Crone is interred here (no stone found at the time of my visit).   This is a complete listing of all available information to date.

Tombstones:                       In Memory of: 

Shank, Barbara (Wideman)     1790-1836   wife of Michael Shank

Myers, John     1760-1839

Myers, Mary (Dolan)     1767-1857  "His Wife"

Myers, Jonas S     Died: June 5,1872   Aged: 29y 2m 14d

Myers, Michael     Died: Oct 24,1882   Aged: 35y 4m 4d

Myers, Joseph D     Died: Oct 16,1885   Aged: 83y 4m 25d

Myers, Elizabeth     Died: Apr 19, 1889   Aged: 72y 9m 24d   wife of Joseph D Myers

Myers, Fanny     1852-1951

Myers, Barbara     1849-1935

Sproull, Elizabeth (Shank)     Born: Nov 10,1871   Died: Oct 2, 1911

Jones, Sohpia H     Died : Mar 14,1892   ??? of C Jones

Unreadable Marker

Shank, Henry N     Died: Feb 29, 1896   Aged: 53y 10m 27d

Shank, Mary     Died: Feb 12, 1914   Aged: 75y 9m 4d

Shank, Maria M     Died: Dec 7, 1887   Aged: 49y 10m 3d

Shank, Henry     Died: Feb 6,1885   Aged: 76y 6m 24d

Shank, Barbara     Died: Aug 16, 1888   Aged: 82y 4m 26d   (top of stone looks to read...Twin Children of J H & ? C Myers   Born: Dec 1,1879   Died: Dec 15, 1879   Died: Feb 1, 1887)

Shank, Maria     Died: Dec 12,1874   Aged: 77y   wife of Christian Shank

Unreadable Marker

Shank, Mary E     Died: Aug 15, 1875   Aged: 1y 2m 27d   dau of H N & M Shank

Myers, Barbara     Died: July 25, 1862   Aged: 1y 9m 10d   dau of J & L Myers

Myers, Elizabeth A     Died: Dec 16, 1872   Aged: 24y 11m 11d   dau of J & L Myers

Myers, Lydia     Died: Sept 26,1886   Aged: 64y 11m 15d

Myers, Jacob     Died: Feb 16,1875   Aged: 70y

Myers, Peter M     Died: July 29,1880   Aged: 26y 7m   son of J & L Myers

Myers, Henery D     1851-1910   Aged: 59y 3d

Yant, Hannah     Died: June 5,1917   Aged: 75y 2m 14d

Shank, Christian     Died: Sept 13,1897   Aged: 86y 1m 10d

Shank, Margaret     Died: Apr 18,1927   Aged: 95y 9m 28d   

Funk, Fanny     Died: June 7,1882   Aged: 42y 6m 1d   wife of John Funk

Funk, Catherine     Died: Aug 8,1882   Aged: 3m   ( shown on lower part of Fanny's stone)

Smith, Catharine S     Died: Sept 12,1869   Aged: 2y 5m 6d   dau of D & S Smith  

Funk, Fanny     Died: Aug 12,1872   Aged: 1y 4d

Funk, John H     Died: May 7, 1877   Aged: 4m 24d   son of John & F Funk

J M          Unreadable stone

Myers, Christian     1842-1926

Myers, Barbara E     1846-1924

Myers, Rhoda     1885-1919   dau of C & B E Myers

Myers, Henry H     Died: Aug 2,1912   Aged: 39y 11m 10d   son of C & B E Myers

Myers, Ellen     Died: Feb 26,1909   Aged: 28y 10m 18d   dau of C & B E Myers

Myers, John D     Born: Feb 27,1870   Died: Mar 29,1890   Aged: 20y 1m 2d

Myers, Electa     Died: Sept 27,1879   Aged: 1y 6m 3d   dau of C & B E Myers

Myers, Irven M     Died: May 3,1875   Aged: 11m 8d   son of C & B E Myers

Myers, Iona     Died: June 10,1878   Aged: 9y 7m 12d   dau of C & B E Myers

Myers, Iantha     Died: Mar 9,1879   Aged: 12y 4m 4d   

Myers, John     Born: Dec 1792   Died: Apr 20,1886   Aged: 93y 4m

Myers, Catherine   Born: June 11,1815   Died: Apr 3,1885   Aged: 69y 9m 22d   wife of John Myers

Myers, Maria L     1858-1937

Myers, Jacob S     Born: Dec 21,1852   Died: Mar 31,1933

Myers, John H     1849-1937

Myers, Sarah E     1855-1925  "his wife"

Myers, Samuel W     Born: Dec 6,1856   Died: Jan 11,1920

Yant, Christian S     Born: Sept 25,1889   Died: Mar 22,1890

Yant, Michael     Died: May 22,1891   

Yant, Charles     Died: Sept 25,1889   children of John & Ruth Yant  



This is a tree outside of the Myers Cemetery.  Thought it was interesting enough to post it!  Anyone want to make a puzzle out of this pic?!   

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