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Mount Calvary Cemetery 

     This cemetery is located on the West side of Fort Jennings, Ohio.  Pictured here is Kegan Sickles, with his Eagle Scout Project. (The sign and Map of the cemetery)  He also documented all gravesites, and listed them in a book which is located in the copper box attached to the sign.  He seen my site and offered all the info he had gathered for me to post on the website.  GREAT JOB Kegan!  A wonderful project to save our Ancestry!  We all Thank You!

 (more to come soon!)

Tombstones:                             In Memory of:

Section A

Kortier Monument

Kortier, Aart     1841-1924

Kortier, Elizabeth     1844-1924

Kortier, Arnold C     1872-1947

Kortier, Julia F     1869-1948

Kortier, Cornelius E     1870-1924

Kortier, Gilbert A     Born: Apr 14,1906   Died: July 28,1972

Kortier, Estella M     Born: Nov 10,1910   Died: Jan 19,1985



Section B

Bailey, Gertrude M     Died: Mar 1946

Baugh, Johanna     1853-1939

Baugh, Christian     1846-1911

Baugh, Alida     Born: Jan 2,1885   Died: June 27,1972   dau of Christian & Johanna Baugh

Blunk, Friederich     1819-1897

Blunk, Catherine Wenrich     1844-1911

Blunk, John H     1866-1947   son of Frederich and Catherine Blunk   wife is buried in St Joseph's Cemetery, Ft. Jennings

Blunk, Anna T     1874-1912    dau of Friederich and Catherine Blunk

Brenner, Amelia     1866-1938

Brenner, John F     1870-1951

Harris, Shelby     1857-1932

Harris, Anna (Stim)     1858-1942

Heller, G Basil     Born May 4,1909   Died: Nov 25,1993

Heller, Madge L     1909-2004

Hoffstetter, Clem J     1874-1966

Hoffstetter, Clara     1874-1947

Hoffstetter, Alvan W     1897-1978   son of Clem & Clara Hoffstetter

Huysman, Cornelius     1850-1928

Huysman, Mariah E     1863-1933

Huysman, Nellie     1874-1933

Kennedy, Stanely L    1917-1982     TC US Navy WWII

Kennedy, Sarah L     1920-1998

Leatherman, Edward     Born: Oct 13,1889   Died: Feb 27,1972

McGue, Gregory L     Born: May 3,1964   Died: Apr 21,1989   US Army

McGue, Ebbie     1891-1972     PFC COD  11 MG BN   WWI

McGue, Nellie I     1899-1979

McGue, Matthew James     Died: Oct 17,1983

Miller, Ethel Lucille (Adams)     Born: Feb 18,1913   Died: Aug 21,1994

Ratliff, Leslie     1891-1929   WWI

Schram, George J     1869-1908

Schram, Nellie W     1868-1941   close-up

Schram, Mararet E     Born: Apr 26,1894   Died: Aug 20,1979

Wreede, J Evan     1908-1980   son of John H & Blanche P Wreede

Wreede, Leona A (VonderEmbse)     1916-1994   wife of J Evan Wreede

Wreede, Frederick J     1882-1961

Wreede, Florence M     1891-1954   wife of Frederick Wreede

Wreede, Francis E     Born: Mar 1,1919   Died: July 23,1943    son of John H & Blanche P Wreede   PFC Ohio 148th Inf   WWII Casualty

Wreede, John H     1861-1938

Wreede, Catherine A     1863-1923   wife of John H Wreede

Wreede, John H Jr     1886-1950   son of John H & Catherine a Wreede

Wreede, Blanche P (Roose)     1887-1960   wife of John H Wreede Jr

Wreede, Mariah E     1963-1933

Wreede, Maurice D     1920-1998

Wreede, Nellie     1874-1933

Section C

Am, Wilhelm     Born: Oct 9,1893   Aged: 15y 8m 8d   son of J & E Am

Am, Albert     1880-1954

Am, Bertha     1885-1949   wife of Albert Am

Am, Emil     Born: Apr 2,1885   Died: Nov 17,1908

Am, Ernest     1881-1970

Am, Mary S     1886-1950   wife of Ernest Am

Am, Fred     Born: Jan 9,1890   Died: Dec 21,1962

Am, Gerald W     1916-1920

Am, John A     1918-1942   Pilot Sgt R C A F 83133   WWII

Am, John   1842-1928

Am, Emma   1850-1937   wife of John Am

Am, Lee Roy     1912-1923

Am, Paul     1922-1922

Am, Pauline     1922-1922

Am, Henry W     1888-1954

Am, Irma E     1912



Brockman, Katherine (King)     1885-1918   wife of Joseph Brockman

Cavelage, Joseph C     1878-1968

Carr, Robert R Jr     Born: Mar 1,1962   Died: Feb 10,1989

Carr, Helen F     1932-1993

Fenstermaker, Lydia E     1864-1930

Fenstermaker, Sylvester     1857-1951

Geckle, Engelena     1904-1950   wife of Joseph A Geckle

Geckle, Joseph A     1887-1977

Graf, Albert L     1903-1961

Graf, Bessie E     1904-1999   wife of Albert L Graf

Hanefeld, Fred     1865-1944

Hanefeld, Minnie     1865-1945   wife of Fred Hanefeld



Kimmerle, Goettlieb     1857-1938

Kimmerle, Caroline     1858-1937

Kimmerle, Louise     1896-1975   dau of Goettlieb Kimmerle

King, John C     1876-1948

King, Elsie R     1881-1966   wife of John C King

King, Mary G     1845-1928   wife of C A KIng

Peters, Cora M (Sarka)     1906-1932

Peters, Amos P     1903-1977

Peters, Arthur J     1930-1933

Peters, Louis F     1928-1973

Peters, Hazel Mae     1897-1971   wife of Louis F Peters

Raabe, Rudolph     Born: June 6,1886   Died: May 3,1958

Raabe, Mabel (Rower)     Born: Dec 20,1886   Died: Apr 22,1964   wife of Rudolph Raabe

Reckart, Otto S     1870-1958   son of Mary D Reckart

Reckart, Mary D     1826-1919

Riggs, George E     Born: Dec 5,1946   Died: May 14,1982

Riggs, Sally (Schlatman)   Born: Oct 9,1961   Died: May 14,1982     wife of George E Riggs    (Automobile Accident)

Sarka, George     1892-1980

Sarka, Chrissie J     Born: 1901   Died: Apr 26,1905

Sarka, Elva A     Born: 1903   Died: May 16,1905

Sarka, John H     1897-1918   son of C & C M Sarka   WWI

Sarke, Christ A     1842-1928

Sarke, Katherine A     1865-1947   wife of Christ A Sarke

Schlatman, Charles H     1889-1975  

Schlatman, Regina M     1903-1981   wife of Charles H Schlatman


Schram, Aaron     1892-1973


Schram, Everett L     1930-1960   son of Aaron Schram

Sharp, Clarence W     Born: Oct 26,1907   Died: Feb 18,1982

Sharp, Eunice E     Born: Jan 11,1911   Died: Mar 13,1982   wife of Clarence W Sharp

Tomas, Albert E Jr     Born Feb 11,1927   Died: Jan 23,1998   Pvt US Army  WWII

Section D

Cumming, Bertha J     1885-1960

Cumming, Cornelius A     1879-1973

Cumming, Ellen M    1882-1975

Cumming, Mary C     1844-1915

Cumming, Richard H     1846-1927

Cumming, Richard J     1877-1966

Section E

Section F

Render, Frank E     Born: Mar 25,1897   Died: July 7,1976

Render, Vattula (Wells)    Born: Apr 15,1897   Died: Jan 2,1983   dau of T Frank Wellls

Render, Talmage E     1917-1926   son of Frank E Render

Wells, T Frank     1870-1960

Wells, Musetta     1874-1964   wife of T Frank Wells

Wells, Kathryn E     Mar 25,1909     dau of T Frank & Musetta Wells


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