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McConnell Cemetery

This Cemetery is located on Rd 7 south of Leipsic, Ohio.  It sets on top of a small hill, it is a very old cemetery and many markers are broken or unreadable.  Some of the people buried here were born in the 1700's, and many of the markers date back to before the Civil War.

Tombstones:                               In Memory of:

Row 1

Ellis, Nancy    Born: Oct 18,1802     Died: Dec 28, 1880   wife of Josiah Lee Ellis

Lee, Silas J     Died: Mar 25,18??   Aged: 78y 9m 27d

Meiser, Lacy     Died: nov 8,1872   Aged: 1y 7m 27d   son of Wm H & L E Meiser

Singer, Margaret     Died: Mar 21,18??   Aged: 30y 6m 2d   wife of L W Singer

Haskell, ?   Father, Mother, Sister

Corbett, Frank     Co D 21st Ohio Inf   GAR  1861-1865

Row 2

Broken Marker

Meacham, Edie E     Died: Mar 27,1856   Aged: 1y

Broken Marker

?, Francis

? , Robert

Blaker, Alice     Died: Mar 4,1851   Aged: 3y 3m 1d   dau of ?

Bell, Elizabeth     dau of ?

Unreadable marker

Bell, Nancy ?     Died: Aug 24,1857   Aged: 2y 7d

McKinnis, Hezehiah     Died: Feb 9,1853   Aged: 11y 2m 5d   son of ?

McKinnis, William H      Died: Dec 6,1852   Aged: 12y 10d   son of H & S McKinnis

Weeks, George W     son of W & ? Weeks

Wooddell, Martin     son of J & A Wooddell

Wooddell, John     Died: Mar 11,1853   Aged: 20y   son of J & A Wooddell

Wooddell, Anna     Died: ??? 21, 1866   wife of James Wooddell

Wooddell, James     Died: Aug 10,1867   Aged: 64y

Broken Marker

Strain,  Mary E     Died: Aug ?,1867   dau of ?

Strain, ?

Armstrong, J B     1828 - 1905   Aged: 77y 4m 27d

Armstrong, Charlie H   1870 - 1905   Aged: 35y 8m 6d

Wolfe, Sarah E   dau of S & L Armstrong

Wolfe, George

Waltner, Emma E     Died: Mar 4,1865   Aged: 3m 19d

Eastom, George     Died: 1862   Aged: 62y 5m 3d

Daniels, Lulu May     Died: Feb 19,1883   Aged: 7m 22d

Broken Marker

Row 3

Peckinpaugh, Joseph     Died: Feb ?, 186?   Aged: 30y 10m 9d

Peckinpaugh, Robert     Died: 1856

Broken Marker

McConnel, ?     Died: May 7,1851   Aged: 2y 2m 27d

McConnel, ?     Died: ?   Aged: 3y 7m 25d

McConnel, Isaac     Died: ??? 3,1857   Aged: 39y

McConnel, Mary J(Lowry)     Died: Jan 20,1903   Aged: 88y 9m 13d   wife of Isaac McConnel

Lenhart, Rebecca A     Died: Jun 19,1897   Aged: 54y 5m 9d   wife of H S Lenhart

Lowry, Cloe     Died: Aug 9,1888   Aged: 2m   dau of J W & Nellie Lowry

Lowry, Ruth A     Died: Dec 17,1852   Aged: 10y 2m 17d   dau of R J & O A Lowry

Hofstenter, Margaret     Died; Apr 28, 1857   Aged: 63y 2m 12d   wife of D Hofstenter

Lowry, Robert F     Died: Nov 7,1851   Aged: 5y 1m 27d   son of R J & O A Lowry

Lowery, Robert     Born Mar 14,1775   Died: Aug 25,1848

Lowery, Rebecca     Born: 1786   Died: Jun 9,1846   wife of Robert Lowery

Lowry, Robert J     Died: Apr 30,1862   Aged: 45y 7m 20d

Lowry, Olive A     Died: May 20,1904   Aged: 85y 3m 26d   wife of Robert J Lowry

?    , Martha     Died: Aug 1,1854   Aged: 36y   wife of William ?

Unreadable Marker

"W A"

Rinehart, David     Died: Sept 1,1853

Newlon, Albert M     Died: Sept 22,1867   son of N & G Newlon

Newlon, Elizabeth     1824 - 1873   Mother

Newlon, Keziah     1857 - 1874   Sister

Row 4

Peckinpaugh, George     Died: Aug 20,1856   Aged: 36y 2m 20d

" M E "

Ellsworth, Mercy     Died: Nov 22,1855   Aged: 41y 11m   wife of B W Ellsworth   GAR   1861-1865

Ellsworth, Marhta M     Died: May 12,1855   Aged: 13y   dau of B & M Ellsworth

Peckinpaugh, R     Died: Sept 28,1859   Aged: 48y

McConnell, John E   Died: Sept 15,18??   Aged: 78y 9m 26d

Unreadable Marker

McConnell, J M     Died: ??? 28,1863   Aged: 21y

Wellsworth, Junis E     Died: May 29,1851   son of ?

Strain, Elizabeth     Died: Nov 16,1850   Aged: 54y ?m 24d



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