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   Mallahan Cemetery

   Mallahan Cemetery was originally known as Hubbard Cemetery, as it was started for the Bildad Hubbard family.    This family came to Riley Township in Putnam County around 1833, and were among some of the first settlers to this area.  (This is a complete listing of this cemetery)

Tombstones:                     In Memory of:

Blodgett, Harriet    Died: Dec 5,1851 Aged: 1y _m 10d   daughter of      S & S Blodgett

Miller, Harvey      Died: Oct 11, 1858  Aged: 16d       and.....

Miller, John O       Died: Jan 14, 1853   Aged: 6m 24d       sons of J & M S Miller

Killin, John          Died: July 7, 1848    Aged: 49y 4m    son of  John Killen        

Killen,  __?__ Harison   Died:                 Aged: 16y 1m 28d     son of Rebecca & John

Hubbard, Israel     Born: Feb 6 1752       Died: Mar 20, 1840    Aged: 88y 1m 14d    (Revolutionary War Veteran) 

Hubbard, Theoda    Died: Feb 21, 1838   Aged: 54y 5m     wife of B Hubbard

Hubbard, Bildad      Died: Mar 18, 1862   Aged: 83y 6m

Hubbard, Sally        Died: Oct 15, 1853    Aged: 61y   wife of B Hubbard

Hubbard, P            Died: Oct 16, 1849    Aged 36y 1m 11d

Kilheffer, Jane A   Died: Dec 27, 1843    Aged: 37y     wife of Henry Kilheffer

Curtis, John W      Died: May 17, 1842    Aged: 9y 7m 21d  son of E & S Curtis

Curtis, Theoda A   Died: Jan 29, 1853     Aged: 15y 4m 12d   dau of E & S Curtis

Curtis, Edward    Died: Oct 13, 1854     Aged: 51y 4m

Wagner, William  Died: Apr 24, 1883     Aged: 31y 7m 15d

Wagner, Hugh L  Died: Apr 8, 1880      Aged: 2y 10m 17d   son of W & L M  Wagner

Tousley, Tho      Died: May 19, 1863     Aged: 19y 10m 27d

Tousley, James   Died:  Feb 12, 1878    Aged: 28y 6m 18d     close-up

Jones, Eliza        Died: Aug 20, 1863    Aged: 10y 3m 12d   dau of WW & S Jones

Jones, Josephine S  Died: Aug 23, 1863  Aged: 8y 6m 3d    dau of WW & S Jones

Jones, Jonathon W   Died: Aug 11, 1863  Aged: 6y 3m 18d   son of WW & S Jones

Jones, W F  ?          Died: Aug 13, 1863  Aged: 12y 8m 7d   son of WW & S Jones

Jones, Wm W         Died: Mar 17, 1863  Aged: 51y 9m 8d

McBride, Lorin A     Died: April 20,1864  Aged: 2y 3m 7d   son of John & Mary

Hubbard, Infant Son  Died: Sept 13, 1846

Hubbard, Tabor       Died: Sept 2, 1851  Aged: 3m       and.....

Hubbard, Ophelia    Died: Mar 19, 1858  Aged: 7m 18 d   children of Nelson & Nancy Hubbard

  note:  Four Jones Children died in August 1863, five months after their father.    There are about 5 or more other stones unreadable piled under a tree.

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