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 Kirkendall Cemetery 

   This is a very small plot located on a farm just off of St Route 115.  It is down a ravine, and up a hill into a wooded area.  When the land was deeded over in 1874, there was a notation that one acre was used for a cemetery.  I believe the cemetery was named after the owners, Benjamin and Sarah Kirkendall.  (This is a complete listing of all information on burials here.)

Tombstones:                           In Memory Of: 

Kirkendall, Shelby     Died: Feb 22,1873   Aged: 1m   son of L & R Kirkendall

Fender, Rebecca     Died: Jan 6,1880   Aged: 65y 5m 2d

Kirkendall, Sarah     Born Oct 20, 1808   Died: Dec 20, 1897   Aged: 89y 2m


Kirkendall, Benjamin     Died:  May 2,1873   Aged: 70y 5m 10d

Kirkendall, Elmira     Died: Apr 16, 1867   Aged: 12y 8m 24d

Kirkendall, Van     Aged: 6y

Kirkendall, Malinda     Aged: 3y 





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