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Kieferville Cemetery

This Cemetery is located less than a mile north of St Rt 613, just south of Rd 18 on St Rt 15.  Even though it is surrounded by highway, it sets in a tree lined secluded, and peaceful setting.   ( This is a complete listing available of burials in this cemetery)

                               (more pics to come!)

Tombstones:                    In Memory of:

Noe, Mary Jane     1882-1941

Noe, William H     1840-1900

Noe, Rachael E     1844-1926

Noe, Wm     Co C 26 Ohio INF   1861-1865

Frazee, David A     1860-1919

Frazee, John N     1846-1923

Frazee, John     Died: Apr 12,1860   Aged: 49y 6m 4d

Badman, John     1864-1895

Badman, Charles W     1859-1922

Badman, Scott W    1861-1936

Badman, Jennie     1867-1899

Kitchen, Elwood J      1890-1919

Kitchen, Clifford     1893-1893

Kitchen, Adie M     1896-1897

Kitchen, John L     1903-1904

Kitchen, Dellie M     1904-1905

Kitchen, Charlotte     Died: Feb 1895   Aged: 72y 2m 17d   wife of J L Kitchen

Stoker, Emmanuel W "Manney"     Born: June 6,1920   Died: June 18,1977

Taylor, Margret     Died: Dec 30,1876   Aged: 31y 14d   wife of Joel Taylor

Hoy, Thomas     Aged: 80y

Hoy, Nancy     Died: Mar 16,1855   dau of T & J Hoy

Saer, William M     1847-1922    GAR 1861-1865

Saer, Mary (Hoy)     1846-1919

Hazelton, Wayne     So K 182nd Ohio INF

Miller, Rhoda Ann     Died: Oct 3,188?   Aged: 61y 7m

Miller, Peter     Died: Dec 4,1875   Aged: 50y 9m 20d   GAR 1861-1865

Castle, John     1874-1918

Castle, Rhoda Ann     1856-1920

Eckman, Fred     1866-1951

Eckman, Mary     1872-1933

Eckman, Clydie L     Died: Aug 31,1896   Aged: 5y 1m 21d

Brugman, Abie H     Born: Aug 17, 1879   Died: Aug 30,1879   dau of W & A Brugman

Darling, Mary A     Died: Dec 7,1884     Aged: 66y 9m 4d

Logan, Maria S

Alexander, Ernest     1897-1989   son of C A & L M Alexander

Alexander, Clarence

Alexander, Iva

Alexander, Irus

Osburn, John     Died: Dec 26,1880   Aged: 79y 7m 14d

Heischman, Mahala     Died: may 14,1888   Aged: 36y 6m 6d

Heischman, Christenia     Died: Mar 22,1891   Aged: 69y 7m 10d

Shalter, Johnie     Died: Nov 8,1890   Aged: 2y 8m 21d   son of ? & ? Shalter

Snyder, James H     Died: Jan 16,1882   Aged: 11y 20d   son of J O & S J Snyder

Shalter, Herman Ray     Born: Sept 23,1892   Died: Nov 23,1910

Shalter, Mary Elizabeth     Born: Feb 19,1895   Died: Nov 27,1910   child of J J & S Shalter

Shalter, Sophia     1860-1947

Shalter, John J     1846-1933

Daymude, Earl E     Died: Mar 11,1888   Aged: 1y 5m 7d   son of E & H Daymude

Hand, Hilton E N     Died: Feb 5, 1897   Aged: 5m 13d   son of W C & E A Hand

Ekleberry, Jennie     Born Apr 15,1864   Died: Dec 1901   wife of L E Ekleberry

Ekleberry, Grace     Bonr: Sept 11,1882   Died: June 21,1910

Detrow, Elizabeth     Died: Aug 29,1898   Aged: 62y 5m 21d   wife of S E Detrow

Detrow, William     Died: Jul 30,1891   Aged: 35y 4m

Dick, Rebecca     Born: Aug 4,1837   Died: Mar 10,1884


Thrapp, William B     Born: Mar 13,1840   Died: Mar 7, 1906

Thrapp, Elizabeth A   Born: Jul 23,1850   Died: Feb 19,1911

Spurgeon, Nathan     Co C 21 Ohio INF   GAR 1861-1865

Spurgeon, Elizabeth     1820-1894

Rigg, J Dexter     Died: Nov 28,1899   Aged: 22y2m 28d   son of Rev Joseph P & Mary Rigg

Rigg, Mary A      Died: Aug 12,1912   Aged: 65y 5m

Rigg, Rev Joseph P     Died: Feb 12, 1894   Aged: 53y 3, 27d

Dull, Sophia     Died: Jan 31,1886   Aged: 72y 10m 10d   wife of Samuel Dull

Swarts, Jessie F     Died: Mar 10,????   Aged: 6y 3m 10d   ?? W E Swarts

Thrapp, Wm B   Co K 37 Ill INF   GAR 1861-1865

Unreadable marker

Kunzi, Charles L     Died: Apr 13,1899   Aged: 6y 7m 20d   Infant son of G G & S A Kunzi

Kunzi, Homer L     Died: Apr 25,1901   Aged: 11y11m 27d   Infant son of G G & S A Kunzi

Patrick, Nellie     Born: Oct 8,1887   Died: Nov 4,1891   Aged: 4y 26d

Rice, Mary     Infant dau of Ken & Ella Rice

Murbach, Jacob     1840-1915

Murbach, Magdoline     1839-1905

Dimond, ???     Died: Aug 1891   Aged: 24m 29d

Murbach, Magdalena     Died: May 3,1908   Aged: 31y 9m   dau of J & M Murbach

Murbach, Arnold     1871-1917

Green, Clara Mae     1871-1917

Green, G Thomas     1872-1945   GAR 1861-1865

Burns, John     Died: Mar 29,1893   Aged: 41y 4m 17d

Atkinson, Elizabeth " Sacket"     Died: Aug 25,1910   Aged: 75y 10m 14d

Atkinson, Stanton     Died: Jan 5,1890   Aged: 23y 3m 20d   son of Jeremiah & Elizabeth J

Brown, Ervin E     Died: Jul 22,1897

Jenkins, Nancy H     Died: Dec 10,1891   Aged: 42y 2m 9d   wife of D E Jenkins

Emerick, Gayle "Green"   Born: June 17,1898   Died: Nov 28,1971

Osburn, Adora E     1857-1921

Guy, Tony S      Died: Jan 19,1905   Aged: 1y25d   son of G G & M E Guy

Guy, Emma     Died: Oct7,1890   Aged: 1y 5m 17d

Dughene, Pauline     Died: Sept 5,1895   Aged: 19y 3m   wife of August Dughene

Quackenbush, Susan     Born: Oct 16,1842   Died: Aug 5,1913

Van Vlerah, Rance     Died: Apr 11,1903   Aged: 29y 10d

Wynkoop, Sarah J     Died: Oct 13,1890   Aged: 32y 10m 3d   wife of G J Wynkoop

Wynkoop, Isaac T     Died: Aug 7,1897   Aged: 13y 6m 2d   son of G L & L Wynkoop

Wynkoop, Luella     Died: May 1,1921   Aged: 49y 4m 21d   wife of G J Wynkoop

Wynkoop, Charles J     1858-1929

Burri, Barbara     Died: Oct 18,1893   Aged: 31y 2d

Burri, John     Born & Died: Oct 3, 1893

Burri, A  Maria     Died: Sept 14,1891   Aged: 4y 5m 12d

Taner, Bertha     Dau of J M & I M Taner

Ordway, Sarah E     Died: Oct 29,1893   Aged: 3y 11m 25d

Dewitt, Lizzie     Born May 10, 1853   Died: Sept 9,1903   wife of S B Dewitt

Dewitt, Harry     Died: Oct 2,1893   Aged: 1m 4d   son of B & Liva Dewitt

Rigel, Daniel Keck     1874-1936

???nsen     Died: July 1899

Wheeler, G B     Born: Apr 1,1900   Died: Aug 14,1901

Wheeler, Rosella     1875-1927

Wheeler, John W     1873-1943

Heising, Elizabeth     1896-1916

Schwartzengraber, Anna     1879-1928

Schwartzengraber, Joseph     1881-1938

Heising, Catherine M     1870-1958

Heising, Frank     1860-1940

Wright, Blanche     1897-1969

Wright, Frank     1891-1952

Spencer, Elidia     Died: Jul 23,1893   Aged: 22y 2m   wife of Martin Spencer

Boneculler, Audrey     Born Oct 3,1907   Died: Feb 5,1908   dau of Esther & Chester Boneculler

Pfeiffer, William     Died: Jul11,1912   Aged: 26y   Co H 13 Rett OVI   GAR 1861-1865

Murray, Lloyd     Died: Dec 4,1895   Aged: 4y 1m 23d   son of G W & E M Murray

Henderson, Atista?     Died: Aug 17,1900   Aged: 12y 10m 12d

Rigg,      Died: Jun 10,1902   son of J T & J E Rigg

Rigg,      Died: Dec 20,1905   son of J T & J E Rigg

Dray, Maude May     Died: Jul 6,1907     Aged: 22y 5m 1d    dau of Thos & Eliza Dray

Dray, Eliza E     Born: Feb 4,1857   Died: Oct 23,1913   wife of T W Dray

Cross, Earl     Born: Dec 21,1884   Died: Jun 3,1915

Cross, M Lorena     Born: Dec 21,1887   Died: Apr 3, 1915   wife of Earl Cross

Turner, William E "Bones"     1903-1978

King, Myrtle M     Born: Jun 26,1900   Died: Jul 24,1909   dau of W H & L King

Henderson, Ri??encra     Died: Jul ????   dau of ?

Henderson, Edward     Born: Sept 24,1911   Died: Sept 25,1911   son of J C & M L Henderson

Henderson, Claude D     Born: Sept 8,1924   Died: Dec 30,1930   son of J C & M L Henderson

Henderson, Minerva L     1885-1963

Henderson, James C     1878-1962

Griffith, Tressa P     Died: Jun 10,1896   Aged: 36y 3m 17d   wife of G W Griffith

Allison, Alton     Died: Oct 26,1899   Aged: 45y 7m 5d

Allison, Amy A     Born Jan 27,1856   Died: Nov 27,1934

Burkmier, Derby B     Died: Feb 10,1901   Aged: 4y 5m 13d   son of H E M Burkmier

Stout, Elizabeth M C     Died: Nov 3,1894   Aged: 83y 8m

Stout, F J     Died: Sept 16,1894   Aged: 54y 6m

Corkwell, George W     Died: Jan 9,1906   Aged: 54y 4m 12d

Corkwell, Jane     Died: Feb 23,1899   Aged: 50y 6m 22d

Corkwell, Dan     Died: Aug 1900   Aged: 1y 9m 4d   son of G & J Corkwell

Manville, Mary Ann     Born: Jun 6,1832   Died: Dec 12,1912

Manville, George W     Born: Feb 8,1830   Died: May 10,1906

Millsphaugh, Evert     Born: Jan 12,1866   Died: Apr 19,1896   son of G B & C B Millspaugh

Pheasant, Mathias     Died: Oct 18,1894   Aged: 71y 7m 28d

Reynolds, Eva     1865-1952

Reynolds, Oscar     1856-1938

Reynolds, V CLeo     1901-1923

Reynolds, R R     1891-1914

Combs,     Died: Aug 3,1899   Aged: 1y 4m 25d   dau of M & D J Combs

Mack, Clifford L     Died: Sept 20,1900   Aged: 6y 8d

Combs, Don M     1911-1941

Spitler, Pearl     Died: Apr 27,1896   Aged: 2d   dau of G V & M Spitler

Zelton, Wayne H A     Co K   182cd Ohio INF

 UNMARKED GRAVE---Schwartzengraber, Glenn   Born: Feb 29,1932   Died: Jun,1933   Aged: 16m   son of Elmer & Doris Schwartzengraber       ( Drown in a cistern the same day his grandfather Henry Corkwell died.)

UNMARKED GRAVE---Corkwell, Henry   Died: Jun 1933  Aged: 60y           ( Buried in same casket with his grandson Glenn)

UNMARKED GRAVE---Corkwell, Emma   dau of Henry Corkwell


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