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                          The Kalida Cemetery Memorial 

Kalida's St Michael's Cemetery & The Union Township Cemetery

Kalida's St Michael's Cemetery is located just Northwest of downtown Kalida, Ohio.  This is a very beautiful cemetery set on a peaceful site just on the edge of town.   In 1883 the Catholic Parish bought 2 acres of land next to the Union Township Cemetery, and St Michael's Cemetery was started. This is still an active cemetery and has grown considerably. If you have any requests, please email them to me, and I would be glad to locate your ancestors and add them to this list.  As this is a very large cemetery, and I only have requested ones listed here at this time.  More to come...I promise.


Tombstones:                         In Memory of:

Siefker, Cezillia T     Died: Sept 8, 1802   Aged: 10y 6m 18d   dau of H & M Siefker

Siefker, Henrich     Born: Sept 24, 1838   Died: June 11, 1904   Aged: 65y 8m 17d

Luebrecht, Louise M J     Born: Nov 6, 1918   Died: Feb 19, 1919 dau of J E & E M Luebrecht 

Hadding, F Marion      1908-1940

Hadding, J Chloe         1912-1939

Little, Frank Edward     Born: Aug 4, 1920   Died: Jul 28, 1943   PFC US Army  South Pacific

Little, Charles S     1866-1943

Little, Henrietta     1888-1940

Little, Emeline E     Born: Aug 15, 1827   Died: Oct 28, 1914   Aged: 87y 2m 13d

Little, Goldie M     Born: Aug 7, 1898   Died: Nov 1, 1968

Little, Linzy     Born: May 25, 1886   Died: Apr 14, 1956   OH PFC  CO G145  Infantry   WW1

Little, Eva L     Died: Oct 27, 1825   Aged: 27y 3m 3d   dau of ?M & C E Little

Little, Stacia Luella     Born: Sept 15, 1905   Died: Apr ?, 1907  dau of C A & L D Little

Little, Charles A     1873-1957

Little, Lillian D       1883-1963

Little, Albert     Died: Dec 24, 1892   Aged: 20y 2m 17d   son of J T & S E Little

Little, Phillip L     Born: Feb 6, 1935   Died: July 15, 1999   BM2 US NAVY

Little, David L     1912-1991

Little, Elsie L       1914-1979

Little, Roy     1893-1941

Little, Elnorah Brown     1883-1953

Little, Clayton D     Born: Aug 14,1910   Died: Jan 6,1944

Little, Evea J     Born: Nov 11,1905   Died: Aug 14,1961

Little, Maggie J     Died: Aug 11,1872   Aged: 1 m & ?d   dau of J T & S E Little

Little, Ivy Pearl     1883-1921

Tincher, Lillie Virginia Little     Born: Aug 19, 1922   Died: Jan 21,2005

Sybert, Hiram T     Born: Mar 11,1862   Died: Aug 13,1944

Sybert, Joseph Daniel     Born: Jan 5,1859   Died: Feb 8,1937

Blakemore, Gladie M     1901-1894

Miller, William E     Born: Sept 20,1895   Died: Aug 24,1971   Ohio Pvt Co F 329 Infantry World War I

Lisk, Orley     1905-1970

Lisk, Abraham L     1870-1929

Lisk, Elsie E     1875-1964

Lisk, James J     1872-1947

Lisk, Alberta C     1880-1957

Lisk, Harlen F     Born: Apr 10,1914   Died: Mar 30,1915   Aged: 11m 12d

Lisk, Gilbert H     Born: May 27,1896   Died: Nov 14,1959   Ohio Cpl Co G 146 INF 37 Div  World War I

Miller, James W     1858-1930

Miller, Rose Ann     1849-1922

Broches, Samantha Miller     1885-1930 (Daughter)

Sybert, William B     1875-1956

Sybert, Eliza     1878-1960

Miller, William E     1895-1971

Miller, Samuel George     1862-1939

Miller, Arinda     1864-1925

Feltman, Barney     1869-1951

Feltman, Anna     1871-1953

Feltman, Frank B     1891-1966

Feltman, Genevieve E     1909-1954

Feltman, Mary M     1907-1990

Feltman, Emma L     1906-1906

Maag, Frank P     1903-1990

Maag, Margaret L     1905-1982

Westbeld, William     1861-1940   "Father

Westbeld, Mary A     1866-1939   "Mother"

Thrift, Dr. J T     Born: Feb 28,1825  in Fairfax Co. Va   Died: Sept 19,1896

Thrift, Nannie M    Born: Oct 14, 1851   Died:           wife of Dr J T Thrift

Thrift, Len Ditter     Born: Aug 29,1831   Died: Jan 1,1888   wife of Dr J T Thrift

Thrift, James     1818-1861

Thrift, William     1820-1877

Thrift, Albert     1839-1862

Coats, Kate Thrift     1834-1890

Thrift, Albert ?     Died: Nov: 10,1862   Aged: 23y

Thrift, James     1785-1843

Thrift, Sinah     1795-1882

Thrift, John     1787-1871

Thrift, George     1814-1855

Williams, J H     Died: Sept 18,1903   Aged: 40y 11d   close up

Rau, Raymond  W     1895-1977

Rau, Lucy E     1899-1978


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