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Holden Cemetery 

     Holden Cemetery is located on the South side of the Auglaize River, just North West of Kalida, Ohio.  It lays on a high ridge off of a small country road, in a very beautiful and peaceful setting.  It is the only public cemetery in Jackson Township.  It is maintained by the Township Trustees.  The last person buried here was Martha Shirey in 1955.

Tombstones:                      In Memory of:

Coats, Mahala     1830-1915     "At Rest"

Coats, Sam'l     Co E   4 Ohio INF

Harris, Alice A     Died: July 31,1905   Aged: 37y 24d

Harris, Louisa     Died: Oct 1,1900   Aged: 65y   Front of Stone 

Miller, Henry F     Died: Aug 24,1895   Aged: 12y 1m 1d   Son of J W & R A Miller

Miller, John W     Died: Mar 15,1873   Aged: 2y 2m

Miller, Henry A     Died: Mar 12,1873   Aged: 10m 15d

Miller, Harvey A     Died: Mar 11,1889   Aged: 11m 15d

Miller, Annie     Died: Apr 3,1887   Aged: 12y 1m 16d

Miller, Davie     Died: Aug 27,1895

Miller, Eliazbeth M     Died: Sept 20, 1892   Aged: 3y 5m 8d   dau of J T & M E Miller

Miller, Chas A     Died: Mar 7,1884   Aged: 10m 17d

Pence, Nancy     Died: June 20,1885   Aged: 52y

Pence, Martha E     Died: Sept 20,1892   Aged: 3y 5m     wife of Andrew Pence

Pence, Elmer     Died: Feb 9,1884   Aged: 18y 1m 5d

Willison, Alva     Born: Aug 14,1889   Died: Sept 25,1894   Aged: 5y 1m 11d

Stewart, Susannah M     Died: Feb 25,1873   Aged: 20y 3d   Wife of Tho Stewart

Stewart, Willie     Died: Feb 22, 1873   Aged: 1m 27d   son of T & S M Stewart

Hitchcock, Rachael     Died: Jul 31,1887   Aged: 90y 3m 24d   wife of Nicholas Hitchcock

Hitchcock, Nicholas     Died: Sept 24,1864   Aged: 71y 3m 27d

Hitchcock, Nancy E A     Died: July 31,1866   Aged: 19y 10m 14d   wife of J N Hitchcock

Shirey, Nathaniel     1848-1938

Shirey, Martha     1866-1955

Shirey, Eliza     Died: May 3,1892   Aged: 40y 9m 3d   Wife of N Shirey


Broken Stone 

Shirey, John H     Died: May 21, 1892   Aged: 15y 6m 20d

Shirey, Freddie     Died: Apr 3, 1888   Aged: 1m 26d

Shirey, Floyd   Died: Apr 3,1895

Vitis, ? Charles     Born: Dec 10, 1891 ?   Died: Dec 11, 1891 ?   son of Mrs & D Vitis ?

Vitis, ? Deoyle E     Born: Feb 7, 1885 ?   Died: Feb 7, 1885 ?   son of Mrs & D Vitis ?

Moore, John     Died: Oct 4,1883   Aged: 51y 4m 21d

Moore, Eliza     Died: Nov 16,1886   Aged: 53y 3m 11d

Smith, Charles E     Died: Mar 10,1890   Aged: 22d   son of P W & A M Smith

Smith, Alice M      Born: July11,1869   Died: Oct 5,1891   wife of P W Smith

Cunningham, Mary E     Died: Sept 12,1873   Aged: 1y 5m 28d   dau of J & M A Cunningham

Martin, Sarah A     Died: Aug 30,1876   Aged: 44y 5m 27d   wife of S Martin

Comer, John     Died: Aug 16,1884   Aged: 65y

Holden, Rev P B     Died: Mar 24,1867   Aged: 64y 3m 2d

Holden, Nancy     Died: Feb 26,1848   Aged: 41y 2m 6d  Wife of P B Holden

Holden, Thomas S     Died: Apr 7,1858   Aged: 53y 9m 9d

Coit, Edwin W     Died: nov 19,1860   Aged: 71y 10m 1d

Coit, Huldah     Died: Aug 10,1877   Aged: 88y 4m 7d   wife of E W Coit

Beckner, William     Co G 64 Ohio INF

Spittsnaugle, Mary E L     Died: Jun 15,1862   Aged: 18y 4m 19d   dau of a & M A Spittsnaugle


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