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Crawfis Cemetery 

Crawfis Cemetery is located just south of Gilboa, Ohio on the south side of the Blanchard River.  As early as 1844 burials were made here.  It is a very old cemetery, possibly the first one in the township.  Otho W Crawfis, the first settler in the township, is buried here. (This is a complete listing of this cemetery)

Tombstones:      In Memory of:

Frantz, Rebecca F     Died: Sept 26, 1858   Aged: 3y 4m   dau of W & A Frantz

Frantz, Sarah     Died: May 8, 1853   wife of Daniel Frantz

Frantz, Daniel Sr     Died: May 26, 1859   Aged: 75y 1m 20 d

Frantz, William     Died: Mar 25, 1868   Aged: 56y 11m 14d

Frantz, Anna     Died: Oct 14, 1871   Aged: 36y 9m 28d  wife of Wm Frantz

Frantz, Children of   

Frantz, Arthur A     Died: Feb 16, 1900   Aged: 1y 7m 2d  son of C L & E E Frantz

Frantz, Thomas E     Died: Oct 8, 1901   Aged: 4m 8d   son of C L & E E Frantz

Frantz, Charles L     Died: May 31, 1902   Aged: 39y 10m 2d

Frantz, Clair E     1890-1936

Hall, John     Died: Jan 29, 1873   Aged: 10m 7d   son of A G & J Hall

Hall,Evandra     Died: NOv 18, 1859  Aged: 12d  dau of A G & J Hall

Hall, Herbert     Died: Aug 22, 1868   Aged: 2m 26d   son of A G & ? Hall

Crawfis, Mary A     Died: Feb 7, 1870   Aged: 30y 5m    wife of J P Crawfis

Crawfis, Henry V     Died: Mar 15, 1834   Aged: 4m   son of O W & S Crawfis

Crawfis, Mary M     Died: Jan 14, 1845   Aged:  66y 18d   wife of Nicholas Crawfis

Crawfis, Sarah     Died: Aug 13, 1888   Aged: 74y 9m 12d wife of Ortho W Crawfis

Crawfis, Eva Viola     Died: Dec 26, 1869   Aged: 11d  dau of O W & Harriet Crawfis         "The Dust Shall Rise Again"

Crawfis, George M     Died: Dec 20, 1849   Aged: 4y 1m 20d   son of O W & S Crawfis

Crawfis, Lewis B     Died: Apr 13, 1850   Aged: 13y 3m 15d   son of O W & S Crawfis

Crawfis, Otho W   Died: Jul 28, 1883   Aged: 84y 11m 21d

Crawfis, O W  Jr   Died: Jul 28, 1895   Aged: 52y 8m 4d       close-up    photos submitted by April Nienberg

Crawfis, Ella     Died: Jul 25, 1926   Aged: 84y 25d   wife of O W Crawfis    close-up       photos submitted by April Nienberg

Crawfis, Harriet D     Died: Jan 4, 1873   Aged: 28y   wife of O W Crawfis Jr   close-up      photos submitted by April Nienberg

Crawfis, Gracie     Died: 1881   Aged: 3d   dau of O W & E A Crawfis

Agner, Rachael     Died: May 14, 1853   Aged: 62y 7m 18d   wife of George Agner

Agner, George Sr     Died: Dec 6, 1877   Aged: 93y

Agner,Sarah Rosalla   Died:Oct 11 ,1859   Aged: 2y 1m 1d   dau of M & E A Agner    close-up     photos submitted by April Nienberg

Agner, Eliza A     Died: Feb 23,1861   Aged: 22y 3m 8d   wife of Martin Agner     close-up     photos submitted by April Nienberg

Agner, Delila     Died: Sept 30, 1851   Aged: 1y 1m 5d   dau of J & S Agner

Agner, Sarah R     Died: Sept 1855   wife of J Agner

Chambers, Margaret     Born: Nov 13, 18?11  Died: Jan 12, 1882   Aged: 72y 1m 27d

Agner, Margaret Chaney     Died: Mar 3, 1866     wife of J Agner

Radabaugh, Mary Ann     Died: May 18, 1875   Aged: 68y 8m 7d

Radabaugh, Mary A     Died: Dec 8, 1866   Aged: 35y 8m 5d   wife of J Radabaugh

Guisinger, Charles B     Died: Oct 4, 1859   Aged: 52y 2m

Guisinger, Christian     Died: Jul 26,1851   Aged: 18y 5m 9d   son of Charles Guisinger

Guisinger, Eliza     Died: Jun 9, 1885   Aged: 73y 7m 6d   wife of Charles Guisinger

Guisinger, Christia A     Died: Jul 26, 1851   Aged: 18y 6m 9d   dau of C B & E Guisinger  

Crumly, Sarah     Died: May 4, 1848   Aged: 59y   wife of J Crumly

Crumly, J     Died: Dec 24, 1850   Aged: 57y 10m 15d  

Sackett, Catherine     Died: Jan 18, 1866   Aged: 30y 10m 6d   wife of J H Sackett

Sackett, Arrora     Died: Oct 2, ????   Aged: 7m

Ward, Simon     Died: ????   Aged: 24y 4m  Co C 13 Regt  US INF

Ward, Nimrod     Died: Jan 13, 1860   Aged: 72y 18d

Ward, Mary     Died: Oct 7, 1858   Aged: 1y 10d   dau of N & M Ward

Brazee, Henry     Died: Sept 13, 1874   Aged: 73y

Harmon, Eleanor     Died: 1812   Aged: 21y 8m 4d   consort of Homer Harmon

Harmon, Hiram L   Died: Apr 21, 1844   Aged: 2y 21d   son of Charles & Almira Harmon

Dush, Franklin     Died: Sept 3, 1863   Aged: 8m 3w   son of I & M Dush

Cloer, Mary E     Died: Jun 14, 1859   Aged: 1y 10m




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