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Clevenger Cemetery 

Clevenger Cemetery is located just outside of Kalida, Ohio's city limits to the South East on Highway 115.  It's a small cemetery along side of the highway.


Tombstones:               In Memory of:

Seitz, John     Died: Mar 17, 1885   Aged: 57y 10m 29d

Seitz, Sarah     "His Wife"   Died: Dec 28,1927   Aged: 82y 8m 20d

Seitz, Samuel D     Died: Mar 20,1873   Aged: 8y 7m 18d   son of J & S Seitz

Seitz Monument

Seitz, Albert     1857-1910

Seitz J Edson     1866-1947

Seitz, Samuel     Died: Aug 15,1885   Aged: 77y 2m 8d    Father

Seitz, Mary     "His Wife"   Died: Oct 25,1910   Aged: 86y 10m 19d   Mother

Clevenger, Sarah    Died: Mar 18,1879   Aged: 71y 2m   wife of Joseph Clevenger

Clevenger, Joseph     Died: Sept 14,1847   Aged: 42y 8m 4d

Burkhart, Rosa     Died: Oct 25,1901   Aged: 23y7m 16d

Burkhart, Paul W     Died: June 7,1917   Aged: 42y 10m 23d

A M   (broken stone)

Magher, Curtis E     1880-

Magher, Naomi E     1886-1914   "His Wife"

Broken Marker

Clevenger, Ira T     1876-1956

Clevenger, Pearl D     1892-1960

Magher, Frances S     1889-1950

Stephens, Nettie I     1881-1927

Stephens, Joseph D   1881-

Stephens, Ima Susanna     Born: Jan 20,1905   Died: Mar 18,1913   dau of J D & N I Stephens

Ludlow, Clark M     1852-1924

Ludlow, Catharine     1863-1951   "His Wife"

Ludlow, Robert     Born: Dec 28,1818   Died: Dec 2,1912

Ludlow, Elizabeth     Born: May17,1818   Died: May 3,1906   "His Wife"

Campnell, John A     Born: June 9,1876   Died: May 6,1902  

Campnell, Nancy S     Born: Aug 18,1870   Died: Jun 19,1957

McClure, Mary     1917-1926

Broken off Stone

Rambo, William     1854-1918

Rambo, Sarah     1847-1926   "His Wife"

Broken stone by tree

Burkhart, John     Died: July 13,1878   Aged: 43y    (another View)

Clevenger, T J     Died: June 10,1908   Aged: 68y 25d

Clevenger, Elizabeth     Died: June 9,1897   Aged: 51y5m 9d

Hiestand, Lizzie     Died: May 9, 1891   Aged: 5y 2m 28d   dau of S Z & D Hiestand

Seitz, Lydia     Died: Aug 18,1860   Aged: 7m  15d

Seitz, David   Died: Sept 13,1861   Aged: 17d

Seitz, Infant Son     Died: Aug 8,1866

Seitz, Samuel H     Born: Aug 24,1868   Aged: 6y 11m 24d   Children of D & L Seitz

Seitz, David     Born: Dec 12,1819   Died: May 30,1896

Seitz, Lydia (nee Hufford)     Born: June 17,1823   Died: Nov 15,1896  

Markley, Abigail     Born: Aug ,1842   Died: Feb 27,1872   Aged: 29y 6m 21d   wife of Fredrick Markley

Goodman, Daniel     Died: Dec 7,1864   Aged: 6m 2d   son of J W & M A Goodman

Goodman, Matilda     Died: Aug 11,1860   Aged: 3y 11d   dau of J W & M A Goodman

Goodman, Putnam     Died: Jan 6,1861   Aged: 6y 7m 9d   Son of J W & M A Goodman

Goodman, J W     1810-1888

Goodman, Mary A     1822-1892   "His Wife"

Goodman, Infant     Died: 1879

Goodman, Quincy     1846-1889     (CUBA)

Goodman, Emaline Best     1849-1912     "His Wife"

Goodman, Glenace     1888-1908   "Their Son"  (back of marker)

Goodman, Daniel L     1879-1912   "Their Son"

Goodman, Dan"l L    Co E 29 US Inf

Summers, Rosa     Died: July 25,1898   Aged: 40y 10m 4d   Wife of J W Summers

Summers, John W     Died: Aug 28,1910   Aged: 49y 13d

Clevenger, O A     Born: July 15,1878   Died: Dec 29,1940

Clevenger, Stephen D     Born: June 24,1842   Died: June 6,1915

Clevenger, Susanna A     Born: July 2,1850   Died: Sept 29,1922   " His Wife"

Clevenger, Infant     Died: Nov 8,1874   dau of S D & S Clevenger

Clevenger, Nancy      Died: Aug 27,1871   Aged: ?    Wife of Steven Clevenger   dau of D T & L Seitz

Clevenger, Infant     Died: Aug 18, 1871   son of S & N Clevenger

Clevenger, John S     Died: Feb 20,1858   Husband of Frances

Broken Stone

Clevenger, Frances     Died: Mar 11,1860   Aged: 28y 3m 23d   Wife of John S Clevenger

Broken Stone

Clevenger, Elizabeth     Died: July 31,1897   Aged: 88y 7m 12d

Clevenger, George     Died: Aug 12,1888   Aged: 80y 2m 12d

Clevenger, Emaline     Died: Mar 16,1856   Aged: 3y 3d   dau of J & M Clevenger

Clevenger, George W     Died: Oct 3,1856   Aged: 4y 9m 5d   son of J & M Clevenger

Colwell, Priscilla   Died: May 15,1859   Aged: 53y   wife of W Colwell

Clevenger, Louis A     Born: Apr 20,1883   Died: May 14,1883

Clevenger, Oliver M     Born: Dec 5,1880   Died: Mar 24,1884   sons of I & E Clevenger

Meeks, David     Died: Apr 23,1863   Aged: 67y 3m 18d

Meeks, Rhoda     Died: Jan 16,1892   Aged: 80y 10m 29d

Meeks, Alexander     Died: Jan 14,1892   Aged: 57y 1m   son of Rhoda Meeks

Meeks, William T     Died: Oct 8,1868   Aged: 1d   son of S & A M Meeks

Blosser, Cleo     Died: Sept 27, 1898   Aged: 1m 11d

Blosser, Leo     Died: Sept 25, 1898   Aged: 1m 9d  dau of J S & E Blosser

Clevenger, Sarah Blosser     Born: Jul 28, 1863   Died: Jul 19,1940

(marker worn smooth)

Blosser, Jacob     Born: Dec 29, 1830   Died: Aug 21, 1892   Aged: 62y 7m 25d

Blosser, Sophronia     Born: Oct 22,1833   Died: May 13,1933   Aged: 99y 6m 11d

Blosser, Noah J     Born: July 23,1872   Died: July 26,1891   Aged: 19y 3d

Blosser, Enoch L     Born: Apr 30,1870   Died: May 26,1883   Aged: 13y 26d   sons of J & S Blosser

Seitz, Katharine     1808-1904

Clevenger, George W   1838-1879

Clevenger, Sarah A     1848-1946

Clevenger, Infant Son   1868

Clevenger, Charles J     1870-1936

Clevenger, Clinton M     1873-1958

Stauffer, Mathias     Born: Jan 10,1820   Died: Aug 28,1901   Aged: 77y 2m 9d            back of stone

Stauffer, Mariah     Born: July 6,1821   Died: Aug 28,1901   Aged: 89y 1m 22d   wife of Mathias Stauffer

(broken stone)

Seitz, Infant     Died: May 23,1852   son of S & M Seitz

(broken stone)

Buckingham, Standsbery     Died: Nov 10,1870   Aged: 9y   son of N B & M Buckingham

Buckingham, Margaret     Died: May 24, 1869   Aged: 39y 17d   wife of N B Buckingham

Buckingham, Mary     Died: July 5,1860   dau of N & M Buckingham

Buckingham, Amasa T     Died: July 4,1860   Aged: 2y 3m   son of N & M Buckingham

Buckingham, Sarah     Died: Apr 20,1857   dau of N & M Buckingham

Seitz, Lewis     Born: Feb 24,1825   Died: Apr 19,1858  

Seitz, Eli     Died: July 13, 1860   Aged: 1y 11m 2d   son of L & M Seitz

Seitz, Ellen     Died: July 21,1860   Aged: 6y 5m 3d   dau of L & M Seitz

Ludlow, Jasper N     Died: May 13,1865   Aged: 22y 10m 15d

Ludlow, Earl     Died: Aug 7, 1883   Aged: 3m 25d   son of C & C Ludlow

Gray, Mary     1886-1897   dau of W H & I Gray

Gray, Willis H     1860-1939

Gray, Isabel     1861-1936

Blosser, Charles D     Born: Sept 3,1868   Died: July 29,1948  

Blosser, Minnie May (Dawson)   Born: June 3,1878   Died: Mar 3,1920   "Grandparents"

(buried marker0

(buried marker)

(buried marker)

Meeks, David     1838-1914   Monument

Meeks, Catharine   1842-1918  "His Wife"

Best, Jacob     1851-1916

Clevenger, Joseph   Born: Dec 1,1830   Died: Sept 28,1913  "Father"

Clevenger, Margaret     Born: Oct 26,1827   Died: June 25,1915   "Mother"   " His Wife"

Best, Susanna     1854-1915   "His Wife"    Monument

Best, William J     1862-1934

(broken marker)

Best, Mary Ellen     Born: Nov 12,1867   Died: Oct 15,1896  

Burkhart, Infant     July 6,1898   dau of A & L Burkhart

Clevenger, Benjamin     Died: Mar 30,1886   Aged: 21y 11m 1d   son of E & E Clevenger

Clevenger, Eli     Died: Mar 19,1908   Aged: 69y 7m 4d  

Clevenger, Elizabeth     Died: May 23,1907   Aged: 62y 3m 23d   wife of Eli Clevenger

Clevenger, Mae M     1876-1965   "Mother"

Clevenger, Bishop E     1877-1936    "Father"

Budd, Mary     Died: Sept 26,1870   Aged: 47y 8m 12d   wife of Andrew Budd

Budd, Andrew    Born: Feb 8,1803   Died: Aug 19,1876   Aged: 73y 6m 11d

Kraus, Elizabeth     Died: Mar 4,1867   Aged: 67y 27d

Kraus, Henry, Sr     Died: May 6,1866   Aged: 75y 4m 13d

Clevenger, Katherine E     Died: Feb 24,1907   Aged: 80y 3m 24d

Kraus, Henry, Sen   Died: May 6,1866   Aged: 75y 4m 13d

Kraus, Elizabeth   Died: Mar 4,1867   Aged: 67y 27d

Best, Infant      -Jan 27,1886-   son of J & S Best

Best Monument

Best, Infant     -Oct 9,1890-   son of J & J Best

Burkhart, Laura Best     Died: Aug 2,1898   Aged: 19y 10m 29d   wife of Augustus Burkhart

Loy, Bessie     Died: Aug 2,1882   Aged: 2y 2m 9d   dau of Wilbur & C Loy

Huddle, Diana     Died: Sept 20,k1865   Aged: 3y 9m 9d   dau of N & M Huddle

Dawson, Len     1871-1940   "Husband"

Dawson, Bertha M     1880-19??   "Wife"

Buckingham, John     Died: Nov 23,1885   Aged: 66y 5m 23d

Elsea, D H     Co E 99 OHIO inf

Funk, Abram G     1838-1910

Funk, Nancy     1844-1889   "His Wife"

Elsea, Sarah E     Died: Aug 26,1860   Aged: 1y 9m   dau of G W & L A Elsea

Elsea, William     Died: Oct 23,1859   Aged: 40y 1m

Elsea, Gershom M     Died: Aug 24,1860   Aged: 14y ?m ?d   son of G W & L A Elsea

Elsea, Louisa A     Died: Jul 25,1876   Aged: 55y 5m 11d

M B  

Elsea, Isaac N     Died: Nov 5,1877   Aged: 1y 10m 8d   son of G W & H G Elsea

Elsea, Hannah C     Died: Aug 9,1886   Aged: 43y 2m 16d   wife of George W Elsea

John, Tena     Died: Aug 2,1895   Aged: 26y 5m 16d   wife of Edward John

Elsea, Thomas J     1873-19??

Elsea, Emma M     1875-1924    "His Wife"

Elsea, George W     Born: July 14,1822   Died: Feb 27,1903

Clevenger, Infant (Henry)     Died: Oct 23,1833   Aged: 9d

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