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                    Cholera Cemetery

This cemetery is almost non-existant.  Only a few markers are left standing.  It is located in Blanchard Township, in Putnam County, Ohio.  (This is a Complete Listing of this Cemetery).


Tombstones:            In Memory of:

Mills, William    Born: June 11, 1813    Died: Aug 16,1843

Mills, Catharine     Died: Feb 25, 1856   Aged: 56y 6m   wife of William

Showers, Violet     Died: Apr 26, 1850   Aged: 39y

Showers, Sarah     Died: Sept 18, 1844

Smith, Azariah     Died: Jan 15, 1849

Latta, James        Died: May 22, 1842    Aged: 75y 8m

Williams, ?          Died: ?

Hickerson, Elizabeth  Died: Jul 27, 1843   Aged 79y 9m 12d   consort of Sam

Hickerson, Samuel   Died:  1843

Braught, Margaret  Died: Aug 14, 1852   Aged: 43y 2m 14d

Morehead, Lerwerana   Died: Jul 21, 1847  Aged: 78y 5m 26d Wife of John

Morehead, John     Died: Apr 16, 1855  Aged: 96y 11m 20d

Emans, Elizabeth   Died: Nov 15, 1849

Nelson, Elizabeth  Died: Jan 17, 1848   Aged: 8y 10m 16d dau of E & E Nelson

Morehead, C & E  Children    Died: 1846

Smith, Stanford    Died: Dec 31, 1848   Aged:  1y 27d  Son of Silas & Margaret A

French, Elisha F     Born: Sept 23, 1846   Died: Nov 30, 1848  Son of J A & F French

French, Margaret   Born: Mar 28, 1852     Died: Oct 28, 1855  dau of J A & F French

Oren, Catherine     Died: Aug 25, 1848     Aged: 2y 3d    dau of J & M A Oren

Showers, Silas         Died: Apr 26, 1850      Aged: 48y 1m 10d

Honey, Thomas       Died: ?                      Aged:  ?


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