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Cascade Cemetery

Cascade Cemetery lies on the west bank of the  Auglaize River in Perry Township, in Putnam County , Ohio.  It is located on a high ridge of the river just east of Cloverdale, Ohio.  Across the road and a little north of this cemetery, lies another (newer) graveyard, Myers Cemetery.

(more coming soon!)

Tombstones:       In Memory of:

 Happer, John      Died: Oct 18, 1892    Aged: 67y 1m 6d

Happer, Charlotte     Died: Feb 8, 1893   Aged: 68y 2m 8d   wife of John Happer 

Drew, Cora Amanda     Died: Mar 31, 1896   Aged: 4y 4m 29d

Mellinger, Elizabeth B   Died: July 2, 1873  Aged: 13y 2m 10d   dau of H S & S Mellinger

Bell, John     Died: Jun 27, 1901   Aged: 81y 11d     Reg OVI Co. A 570

Bell, Elmira     1829-1912   wife of John Bell

Shank, infant     Aged: 1y 3m 10d   dau of H & E Shank

Shank, Emma     1855-1920   "Mother"

Hover, Julius     Died: Sept 1, 1866   Aged: 1m   son of J B & Nancy Hover

Hover, Willie U     Died: Mar 27, 1877   Aged: 1y 2m 25d   son of J B & Nancy Hover

Hover, Nancy S     Died: Sept 3, 1887   Aged: 65y 2m 12d   Wife of John Hover

Hoover, Joshua     Died: Mar 19, 1891   Aged: 72y 2m 12d

Hoover, Oscar     Born: Oct 25, 1859   Died: Jan 19, 1902

Hoover Marker

Close, John     Died: May 15, 1889   Aged: 53y 3m 10d

Close, Louisa     1851-1924

Curtis, Millie A     Died: Sept 16, 1891   Aged: 33y 5m 28d   wife of J S Curtis

Curtis, Julius     Co F 32 OHIO INF

Beall, Elnora     Died: Dec 21, 1887   Aged: 78y 30d   wife of John Beall

Andrews, Birtie E     Died: Sept 5, 1874   Aged: 2y 6m

Andrews, Harry A     Died: Oct 1, 1870   Aged: 10m 7d    son of Geo W & Amanda L Andrews

Andrews, Bessie A     Died: Jun 19, 1899   Aged: 17y 8m 25d   dau of C W & A L Andrews

Andrews, Amanda     1849-1924   wife of Geo W Andrews

Andrews, George W      1842-1925   Co E 111 OVI

Smith, infant     Died: Mar 10, 1905   dau of J H & Grace Smith

Adams, Ralph M     Died: Oct 17, 1891   Aged: 1m 14d

Henry, Ray     Died: Oct 13, 1899   Aged: 9y 2m 15d   son of Edward & Lizzy Henry

Henry, Edward A     Died: Jan 18, 1906   Aged: 41y 3m 11d

Henry, Elizabeth     1867-1931

Duvall, Willie     Died: Feb 25, 1873   Aged: 3y 1m 3d   son of D & Lizzie Duvall

Smith, Suey S     Died: Feb 8, 1887   Aged: 6y 9m 2d   son of A & M Smith

Smith, Orpha     Died: Jan 18, 1887   Aged: 11y 3m 23d   dau of A & M Smith

Vining, William A     Died: Feb 22, 1891   Aged: 61y 10m 21d   GAR 1861-1865

Andrews, Electa     Died: Mar 17, 1875   Aged: 14y 1m 1d   dau of Jeremiah & Margaret Andrews

Andrews, Jeremiah E     Died: Jun 11, 1894   Aged: 75y 8m 3d

Andrews, Margaret     Died: Jan 21, 1894   Aged: 74y 9m 10d   Wife of J E Andrews

Bell, Ida     Born:  Mar 21, 1858   Died: May 24, 1906   sife of Robert Bell

Bell, Robert T     Born: Apr 19, 1854   Died: Jan 13, 1906

Bell, Joseph H     Died: Oct 8, 1896   Aged: 86y 4m 20d

Bell, Margaret     Died: Aug 22, 1882  Aged: 60y 2m 21d

Bell, Elizabeth     Died: Sept 22, 1908   Aged: 68y 4m 19d    wife of J K Bell

Bell, James K     Born: Jun 18, 1822   Died: Mar 26, 1905

Bell, John C     Died: Jul 19, 1894   Aged: 23y 5m 13d   son of J K & L Bell

Bell, Joseph W      Died: Feb 4, 1903   Aged: 33y 11m 26d

Bell, Margaret R   Died: Jun 9, 18??   Aged: 67y 3m 27d

Bell, William     1842-1924   Co. L 2 Reg Ohio Heavy Artillery

Bell, Matilda     1842-1924

Bell, Stella C     Died: Jul 23, 1881   Aged: 3y 2m 25d   dau of W & M Bell

Bell, William     Died: Jul 1, 1881   Aged: 3m 3d   son of W & M Bell

Bell, Charles M     Died: Sept 8, 1880   Aged: 3 wks   son of W & M Bell

Jenkins, Joseph F     Died: Dec 21, 1880   Aged: 1m 20d   son of J & C Jenkins

Jenkins, Gracie W     Died: May 9, 1897   Aged: 1y 1m 24d   dau of J & C Jenkins

unreadable stone

Wheeler, Almon     Died: may 22, 1892   Aged: 68y 4m 10d

Wheeler, Olive M     Died: Jun 21, 1905   Aged: 73y 3m 25d   wife of A Wheeler

Wheeler, William J     Died: Oct 29, 1893   Aged: 33y 5m 6d   son of A & O M Wheeler

Whiston, ??Van J     Died: Apr 3, 1891   Aged: 13y 3m 15d   son of S & G A Whiston

Andrews, Charles K     1845-1903   Co E OVI  11 Reg

Andrews, Martha J     1842-

Andrews, Alonzo     Died: Oct 1, 1874   Aged: 11m 28d   son of Martha & Charles Andrews

Andrews, Clara B     Died: Aug 11, 1871   Aged: 1y 6m 1d   dau of Martha & Charles Andrews

Andrews, Florence M     Died: Sept 13, 1894   Aged: 14y 9m 9d

Parks, Andrew     1833-1907

Parks, Elizabeth M     1843-1908

Hicks, Amy     Born: Nov 19, 1868   Died: Nov 9, 1915   wife of H G Hicks

Parks, Henry     1871-1948

Parks, Alice     1875-1938

Shirey, Mary A      Died: May 9, 1909   Aged: 2m 26d   dau of W E Shirey

unreadable marker

Spitnale, John     1854-1929   WW Vetern  GAR 1861-1865

Spitnale, Isaac W     1852-1928

Spitnale, Fannie     Born: Oct 7, 1841   Died: May 4, 1915

Snyder, Winnie     Died: Mar 25, 1896   wife of John L Snyder

Willison, Ella Mae     1870-1930

Willison, Joseph     1858-1956

Bonifas, Thelma I     Died: Dec 18, 1920   Aged: 1y 2m 23d

Willison, Harley H     Died: Jan 27, 1888   Aged: 2m 27d   son of Joseph & Ella Willison

Oglesbee, Joseph     Born: Dec 8, 1883   Died: Jan 13, 1973

Oglesbee, Loretta     Born: Dec 11, 1893   Died: Apr 7, 1919   wife of Joseph Oglesbee

Oglesbee, Irvin L     1911-1932

Miller, John C     Born: Aug 30, 1859   Died: Nov 10, 1932  

Miller, Carrie "Bell"     Born: Mar 7, 1863   Died: Jul 13, 1929

Miller, John H     Died: Feb 23, 1888   Aged: 4y 5m 9d   son of John & Carrie Miller

Miller, Maggie     Died: Jan 24, 1896   Aged: 1m 2d   dau of J C & C B Miller

Wilser, Sarah   Died: May 11, 1884   Aged: 46y 3m 3d   wife of John A Wilser

Wilser, infant     Died: Jan 20, 1877   Aged: 1m 18d   infant of John & Sarah Wilser

Wilser, Geroge A     Died: Jan 8, 1893   Aged: 20y 4m 18d   son of John & Sarah Wilser

Spitsnale, Jacob   Co A 57 OHIO INF

Spitnale, Louisa     Born: Jul 18, 1848   Died: Dec 12, 1895   Aged: 52y 5m 4d

unreadable marker

Spitnale, Charlotte     Died: Aug 8, 1881   Aged: 4m 27d   dau of J & L Spitnale

Spitnale, Charles E     Died: Aug 11, 1881   Aged: 5m   son of J & L Spitnale

Jenkins, Frank     1858-1938

Jenkins, Orabell     1864-1936

Jenkins, Maurice     Born: Oct 21, 1904   Died: Nov 7, 1904   sonof C F & D C Jenkins

Combs, Wm H     1855-1918

Combs, Martha E     1856-1935   wife of William Combs

Combs, J M     1880-1931

Hicks, John S     Died: Jan 30, 1901   Aged: 58y 2m 15d    GAR

Myers, Melvin D     1895-1974

Myers, Blanche     1893-1929

Myers, Jacob E     1863-1915

Myers, Eva O     1875-1955

Myers, infant     Died: Apr 3, 1898   Aged: 1d   dau of J E & D E Myers

Meyers, Pvt. Jacob N     1841-1861   Died near Kennesaw Mountain, GA    GAR


Close, Levi     Died: Sept 26,1899   Aged: 26y 1m 4d

Close, Gracie     Died: Apr 17, 1897   Aged: 1y 9m 17d

Ellerbrock, William     1857-1936

Ellerbrock, Sarah A     1858-1923

Close, Gracie     Died: Apr 17, 1897   Aged: 1y 9m 17d

Ellerbrock, William     1857-1926

Ellerbrock, Sarah A     1858-1926

Smith, Charles     Born: Jan 30, 1902   Died: Jan 7, 1903   son of W A & E M Smith

Spitsnaugle, Ray     Died: jan 31, 1894   Aged: 1y 8m 9d   son of N B & Margaret Spitsnaugle

Spitsnaugle, William B     Born: Feb 26, 1840   Died: Jul 4m 1898   Aged: 58y 5m 8d

Spitsnaugle, Margaret     Born: Jan 21, 1844   Died: Sept 15, 1907   wife of William B Spitsnaugle

Wheeler, Edgar E     Died: Sept 17, 1890   Aged: 23y 7m

Miller, Harriet L     Died: Jun 27, 1893   Aged: 47y 3m 10d   wife of M B Miller

Lowe, Joseph L  

Lowe, Laura E     1855-1909

Lowe, Stephen     1835-1923   GAR 1861-1865

Wilser, William J     1848-1932

Wilser, Martha J     1858-1934

Wilser, Grace A     1878-1944

Wilser, Flossie     Died: Apr 12, 1893   Aged: 1y 8m 3d   dau of W & M Wilser

Wilser, Alva K     Died: Mar 9, 1922   Aged: 1m 7d   son of W J & M Wilser

Wilser, Daniel     Died: Feb 23, 1893   Aged: 82y 11m 24d  "Father"

Wilser, Rebecca     Died: Jun 14, 1868   Aged: 64y   "Mother"

Wilser, Anna     Died: Apr 3, 1856   Aged: 81y     (erected by Rebecca Myers, Grandmother)

Leidy, Howard N     Died: Oct 23,1908   Aged: 3y 11m 9d   son of N & B Leidy

unreadable marker

Ladd, Edgar     Died: Feb 8, 1907   Aged: 7m

Ladd, Thomas     1904-1907

Simon, John J     Born: Mar 28,1833   Died: Aug 23,1916

Simon, Julia A     Born: Mov 22,1840   Died: Dec 18,1922   wife of John Simon

unreadable marker

Lucas, Hale     Died: Feb 25,1912   Aged: 11m 6d     



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