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 Bogart Cemetery

Bogart Cemetery is located in Pleasant Township just west of Columbus Grove.  It just sets off of State Route 12  behind a field just outside of the city limits down a long lane.  It is visible from the road.  At the entrance there is a Monument erected by the American Legion Post No. 516 in 1950 for "Soldier McCoy- Revolution 1776" .

                                (more pics coming soon)

   Tombstones:         In Memory of:

Row 1

Troyer, Baby   (wooden cross)

Hardesty, Virgle     Born: Jan 15, 1906     son of J C & M J

Ryan, John William     Born: Jan 2, 1915   Died: Mar 6, 1919

Oard, Mary Ann   1953   dau of Mr & Mrs Albert Oard

Row 2

Sampson, Wm    Co C 82nd OH INF   (GAR)

Featheringill, Caroline     1850-1933

Featheringill, I L   Co I 88 OH INF   (GAR)

Ward, Mary     Died: Dec 11, 1875   Aged: 31y 5m 5d   wife of W B Ward

Ward, Infant  son of W B & M Ward   (no date)

Ward, Infant  dau of W B & H M Ward  (no date)

Ward, Elyde A     Died: Jan 12, 1884   Aged: 5m 18d   dau of W B & H M  

Mankin, Hannah     Died: Feb 18, 1896   Aged: 76y 8m 3d

Mankin, Wm     Died: nov 25, 1890   Aged: 76y

Mankin, Wm     Co D 81st OH INF   (GAR)

Row 3

Fuller, Dan'l     Co B 50th OH INF   (GAR)

Stiles, Jefferson H     1864-1932

Stiles, Sarah J     1865-1940

Unreadable stone     Elizabeth ?     dau of John & Katharine ?

Mumea, Charity      Born: 1822   Aged: 2y ?m ?d   dau of John & Katharine Mumea

Row 4

Salyards, ?     Died: May 10, 1857   Aged: 31y

Salyards, ?     (base only)

Salyards, Lucinda J     Died July 16, 1851   Aged:2m 22d  dau of M & S Salyards

Salyards, Louisa     Died: Jan 16, 1848   Aged: 6y   dau of ? & S Salyards

Broken Stone

Vaughn, Edward     1868-1912

Morgan, Joseph P     Died: Aug 26, 1894   Aged: 84y 17d            " Father & Mother at Rest"   (mother not listed)

Row 5

Mumea, George D     1866-1941

Hartman, Ariebell     1861-1940

Hartman, John     1841-1913

Ogan, Nancy     Died: Dec 12, 1968   Aged: 46y   wife of N W Ogan

Ogan, Dudley     Died: Aug 29, 1860   Aged: 1y 11m 26d    son of N W & N Ogan

Mumea, John T     Died: Nov 16, 1931   Pct 4 OH INF

Mumea, John T     1843-1931

Mumea, Lucinda     1849-1912   "His Wife"

Fisher, Caroline     1857-1931

Fisher, Micheal     1851-1917

(Base Showing Only)

Row 6

Mumea, Mary K     Born: Sept 28,1925   Died: July 13,1985   wife of Bill Mumea    

Mumea, William C     Born:    Feb 28,1924   Died: Aug 28,1997   PFC US Army WWII

Bogart, ?   Died: 1881

Bogart, David M     Died: Sept 30, 1849   Aged: 3y 1m   son of D & M Bogart

Bogart, David     Died: July 20, 1819   Aged: 10y 8m 4d

Broken Stone

Broken Stone     ( row of stones )

Broken Stone

Broken Stone

Featheringill, Elias     Died: Apr 1, 1855   Aged: 15y 6m 21d

Broken Stone

Tate, Sarah E     Died: Jan 17, 1863   Aged: 28y 1m 12d    wife of John B Tate

Steadman, Minerva Bishop     1848-1895   wife of John Steadman

Row 7

Bogart Family Plot

Bogart, Barbara     Died: Aug 7, 1875   Aged: 52y 9m 4d   wife of J B Bogart

Bogart, John B     Born: Apr 12, 1806   Died: Feb 23, 1890   Aged: 84y 10m 11d     close-up

Bogart, Mary     Died: jan 8, 1844   Aged: 37y 1m

Bogart, William H     Died: Apr 30, 1901   Aged: 55y 8m 13d

Otto, H     Born: Dec 10, 1803   Died: May 2, 1872   Aged: 68y 4m 8d

Otto, Rachel     Born Oct 27, 1801   Died:

S R   (small stone)

Reppert, Zoa E     Died: Mar 30, 1892   Aged: 13y 4m 2d   dau of S R & J A Reppert     close-up

Watkins, Ottie M     Died: Feb 16, 1907   Aged: 28y 7m 4d   wife of D W     close-up

S R (small stone)

Row 8

Sanders, Byron C     Died: Nov 11,1862   Aged: 19d

Sanders, Simon     Died: Nov 5,1852   Aged: 2y 10m 3d

Sanders, Susan A     Died: Sept 2,1855   Aged: 1m 12d    children of W M & R Sanders

Broken stone

Roberts, Geo W     1824-????

Roberts, Eliz M     1827-1904   "Mother & Father"

(on the sides of large Roberts Stone)

Roberts, Mary J     1849-1849

Roberts, Barbara A     1850-1853

Roberts, John S     1852-1853

Roberts, Martha E     1854-1855

Roberts, Margaret L     1856-1856

Roberts, Addison     1857-1857

Roberts, Adam W     1857-????

Roberts, Sarah E     1859-1861

Roberts, Harriet E     1863-1864

Roberts, Geo B Mc     1865-1865

There are at least 33 stones piled up in back of the large Roberts stone.  The ones that can be read are:




Salyards, Sarah E   Died: Sept 18,1851   dau of W & S Salyards



Roberts, Baria A     Died: Jan 20,1852   Aged: 2y 3m 18d   dau of G W & E M Roberts

Momea, Jane B     Died: Apr 24, 1849   Aged: 24y 3m   wife of Wm Momea MD

Ogan, Emily I     Died: Aug 31,1861   Aged: 9y 9m 19d     dau of   N W & N Ogan

Featheringill, Lucinda A E   Died: Dec 10,1842   Aged: 1y 1m 23d   dau of E & H Featheringill

??Broken off     Died: Aug 19,1888   Aged: 16y 4m 3d

Featheringill, (Wm Thomas)     Died: Apr 13,1853   Aged: 3y 5m 4d   son of A W & B A Featheringill

Row 9

Strow, Jessie E     Born: Nov 7,1859   Died: Nov 28,1859

Buried stone in front of Smith

Smith, Norvel G     Died: May 6,1888   Aged: 22y 11m 9d   son of O & E M Smith

Smith, Oscar     Co K 14th OH Inf  (GAR)

Ward, Anna     Died: Nov 19,1844   Aged: 49y 3m   wife of Daniel Ward

McDonald, Elcy Jane     Died: Aug 31,1840   Aged: 6y 6m   dau of Henry and Mary McDonald

Buried Stone

Bogart, Hannah P     Died: Dec 27,1843   Aged: 9y 16d

Connett, Warren     Co K 14th Ohio Inf  (GAR)

Stone worn smooth

Row 10

Comstock, Jay     3rd OH Cav  (GAR)

Base only

Watters, Charles T     1910-1918

Smith, A B     Co K 14th OH Inf   (GAR)

Smith, A B   (GAR) no dates

Smith, Sarah     Died: Dec 18,1892   Aged: 60y 2m 6d      "Father & Mother"

Smith, Frances J     Died: Dec 18,1872   Aged: 2y 5m 17d   dau of A B & S Smith

Smith, Fermelia     Died: Aug 14,1861   Aged: 1y 4m 20d   dau of A B & S Smith

Bogart, Wm     Died: Feb 1,1858   Aged: 72y 2m 23d

Kagy, Elizabeth     Died: Apr         wife of John H Kagy

Carr, Daniel A     Died: Jun 24,1904   Aged: 60y 5m 29d

Carr, Harriet R     Died: June 1,1902   Aged: 62y 5m 12d

Carr, D A     Co D 21 OH Inf  (GAR)

Broken stone at base

Row 11

Ortman, John     Died: Apr 20,1865   Aged: 24y 5m   (GAR)   son of M & E Ortman

Smith, Martha A     Died: Mar 8,1898   Aged: 51y 9m 16d   Wife of A Smith     close-up

Smith, Alden     1843-1928   "Father"   O V I  45 Inf

Stiles, Sarah     1830-1893

Stiles, John     1830-1867

Harden, Meridth     1833-1902

Harden, Matilda     1842-1917

Miller, Mary     1854-1914   Aged: 60y

Barto, Henry E     Co F  93 PA Inf

Row 12

corner marker

Tussing, Harry T     Died: Dec  ,1877   Aged: 5m 23d   son of D E & R E Tussing

Tussing, John T     Died: Apr 1,1870   Aged: 1m 27d   son of D & R Tussing

Row 13

corner marker

Dodge, Arie M     1875-1920

Dodge, John W     1869-1930

Dodge, Infants     (no dates)

Morgan, A K     Co B 21st  OH  Inf  

Row 14

Morgan, Armina Leaetta Howell     Born: July 9,1889   Died: Feb 14,1913   "Mother"

Elliott, James A Sr     1837-1903

Elliot, Cynthia     1834-1904

Elliot, Hattie     1871-1904    "Daughter"

Row 15

Viers, Lydia     Died: June 30,1879   Aged: 75y 9m 4d

Elliott, James A     1866-1929

Elliott, Lucetta     1866-1896

Strow, Nancy A     Died: Dev 2,1884   Aged: 85y   Wife of D Strow

Strow, Daniel     Died: Mar 5,1888   Aged: 88y 10m 9d

Strow, Margaret P     Died: Dec 18, 1838   Aged: 36y   Wife of D Strow

Leigh, Elizabeth     1812-1887

Leigh, Stephen     1831-1890

Leigh, Eunice     1837-1909

Leigh, Wyatt     1860-1888

Leigh, Evelyn     1862-1888

Row 16

Smith, Olive 





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