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 Finding your Putnam County Ancestors

    Here you'll find pictures of cemeteries and tombstones in Ohio.

Hello, and Welcome to my Cemetery Site!

I started this site to help those of you looking to find your Putnam County ancestors.

I have been interested in Genealogy for the past 6 years,  and have been lucky enough to have most of my ancestors from my surrounding area.  But in doing searches and such, I have run into alot of people on the Web, who don't live in Putnam County, or it's vicinity, and it makes it difficult for them to find their ancestors.  I have done numerous cemetery look-ups for fellow genealogists, and this site seemed to have a need for existence.  If this goes well, I plan on adding more cemeteries and more Counties.

If you like what you see, or have any possible corrections, or need more info than what I have here today, please feel free to email me with your requests.

( This Site is still under construction, there are more than 60 cemeteries in Putnam County )

Listed so far: ......47 Cemeteries...3516  Listings....&... ......over 2610 Photos

Putnam County Cemetery Map

Boundaries of the county outlined in blue.

View Putnam County Ohio Cemeteries in a larger map

 Have Photos of your ancestors not listed here and want to share?                          Send them to :   ohiotombstones

Help wanted:

             Identifying ancestors on a 1925 Photo for                      Maidlow-Conine-Buckland Family reunion, held at the      Ottawa Park, in Ottawa, Ohio.

 All info found on this site was compiled by me from visits to the Putnam County Library and visits to the actual cemeteries.  The photos were taken by my daughter and I ,and also where stated by volunteers and family members.
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